Man wins $50,000 by buying a second Powerball ticket

July 10 (UPI) — A Kentucky man won a $50,000 lottery prize thanks to buying a second ticket for a Powerball drawing on a whim.

The Walton man, identified only as Michael, told Kentucky Lottery officials he originally bought only a single ticket for Saturday’s Powerball drawing.

“I originally bought just one but had a little bit of cash left on me. I was like, I might as well just buy another one, why not?” Michael recalled.

He bought his second ticket from Mac’s Liquor & Wine on Mary C Grubbs Highway in Walton.

Michael said he checked the results from the drawing on his computer Sunday morning.

“I looked at the screen and thought that one looks like it might be right,” he said.

The second ticket turned out to be a $50,000 winner.

“I went to the store where I bought it, and they checked it. They were all like, ‘You’re going to Louisville tomorrow,'” the winner said.

Michael said the prize money will allow him to pay off his car. He said the rest will go into savings.

Authored by Upi via Breitbart July 10th 2023