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Kid Rock Takes Heat for Line of Pro-Donald Trump Merchandise

Kid Rock has released a line of pro-Donald Trump merchandise that has sent some offended social media users into a frenzy.

The Michigan-based rocker’s new merchandise includes a replica of the now-iconic Trump campaign hat that reads “MAKE AMERICA BADASS AGAIN,” and a t-shirt bearing the slogan “GOD GUNS & TRUMP.

Kid Rock Official Store

Kid Rock Official Store

Kid Rock Official Store

Kid Rock Official Store

One T-shirt depicts an electoral map of America, with red states labeled “United States of America” and blue states labeled “Dumbf*ckistan.

Due to overwhelming demand, we decided to go ahead and actually make this & other current event merch:

— Kid Rock (@KidRock) December 5, 2016

Another pro-Trump shirt from the singer’s store reads “_onald Trump,” with the sub-heading: “The ‘D’ is missing because it’s in every hater’s mouth.”

A note next to the items on the official Warner Bros. merchandise store includes a disclaimer citing “overwhelming demand” as the reason why they “actually made” the shirts. Posts featuring the singer in photoshopped pro-Trump t-shirts had gone viral on social media before the shirts were actually manufactured.

While some applauded the musician’s latest move, other weren’t as thrilled with the new merchandise.

“No longer a fan of yours…shoulda kept your politics quiet,” one Twitter user tweeted, while another called Kid Rock a “bigot.”

@KidRock What a "D"ick you've become over the past couple of years. See ya.

— (((bartnbeka))) (@bartnbeka) December 6, 2016

@KidRock that's awful not a fan anymore..u forget ur child, the blue states u made money in.

— angel jordan (@angelj889) December 5, 2016

@KidRock I lost all respect.

— W. José Cummings (@CH1NOSWORLD) December 6, 2016

@KidRock You're everything wrong with modern civilization. Glorified ignorance and hate. Why don't you start selling KKK hoods too?

— Modern Mythos (@supermythos) December 6, 2016

Kid Rock’s new fashion items also won praise from social media users.

@KidRock that's too awesome! I love it😜!✌

— Jen Lear (@Jennyjo2014) December 6, 2016

@KidRock I was never a fan until now! You sir, are the shit! I want that shirt

— Darth Plorable (@RyanRybak22) December 6, 2016

One user even wished Kid Rock would play at President-elect Trump’s inauguration:

@KidRock I wish you would sing at @realDonaldTrump inauguration. You embody patriotism and that's what elect him.

— red (@kotuzak) December 5, 2016

Kid Rock remained silent for most of the presidential campaign, but did deliver a resounding endorsement of Trump earlier this year.

“My feeling: Let the motherf*cking business guy run it like a f*cking business,” he said of Trump in an interview with Rolling Stone. “I’m digging Trump. I feel like a lot of people, whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, feel like if you get Hillary or Bernie, or you get Rubio or Cruz or whoever, there’s going to be the same sh*t.”

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