Wednesday, November 13, 2019

K9 Officer Makes Fentanyl Bust on First Day at Work

A K9 officer in Ohio is already getting attention on his first day at work for making a heroin and fentanyl bust while on the job.

The K9, whose name is Beau, made a big bust at a routine traffic stop after picking up a scent during his first shift on Monday, WLWT reported.

Authorities also confirmed that the driver “exhibited several nervous criminal indicators and the nervous driving behaviors.”

Once police officers obtained a probable cause search warrant, officials said they discovered suspected fentanyl and heroin in a bag alongside syringes and a bag of suspected cocaine.

Police then charged the driver with two felony drug possession charges and driving while suspended.

K9 officers have done many positive things for local communities. One K9 officer in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, uncovered more than 400 bags of suspected heroin back in March.

They also help carry out duties on the softer side of law enforcement. In March, dozens of K9 officers lined up outside a terminally ill Wisconsin girl’s home to visit her.

Katherine Rodriguez

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