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Israeli Teenager Murdered in Istanbul Nightclub Terror

The Associated Press reports: An Israeli woman has been identified as one of the 39 victims of the shooting attack in an Istanbul nightclub.

Israel’s foreign ministry confirms that 18-year-old Leanne Nasser from the Israeli-Arab town of Tira was killed.

Nasser was celebrating with three friends at the Reina nightclub when the gunman broke in and opened fire. Her friend Ruaa Mansour, also 18, was moderately wounded in the attack. The other two friends were unharmed.

The Times of Israel further reports:

“We lost all contact with my daughter and we still don’t know where she is,” Nasser’s father Zaher said earlier on Sunday, according to the Ynet news website. “We are very scared something happened to her and we are requesting and pleading for anyone with knowledge of her whereabouts to inform us.”

Earlier Sunday, the Foreign Ministry confirmed that an Israeli woman was unaccounted for, but did not report her name. It also confirmed that an Israeli woman, Ro’a Mansour, was hurt in the shooting attack, with Hebrew media reports earlier Sunday saying the woman was in moderate condition.

Sufjan Mansour, the father of the injured woman, 18, told the Haaretz daily Sunday morning that after hearing of the attack he was unable to get in touch with his daughter, “but at six in the morning she answered [her phone] and said that she had been injured from gunfire in her lower body, and that she had been operated on and is now in the hospital in stable condition.”

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