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Hollywood Erupts on Trump over Bob Woodward Tapes: He 'Must Resign,' 'Impeach Him Again'

Hollywood stars shifted into attack mode Wednesday after journalist Bob Woodward released interviews in which President Donald Trump said that he understated the threat of the coronavirus pandemic in order to prevent mass panic.

Celebrities launched a social media offensive, calling on President Trump to resign or be removed through impeachment. In their outrage, the stars omitted the fact that President Trump made similar comments in March during a White House press conference.

“I wanna keep the country calm. I don’t want panic in the country. I could cause panic much better than even you,” the president told CNN’s Jim Acosta, who accused the commander in chief of “downplaying” the coronavirus.

I know we're all supposed to pretend that Woodward's thing is news but Trump said on March 30, 2020, that he was purposely not trying to panic the country, instead encouraging optimism. Video here. https://t.co/12cxMnJnIS

— Mollie (@MZHemingway) September 9, 2020

Celebrities also omitted the fact that Dr. Anthony Fauci defended President Trump from accusations that he lied about the gravity of the pandemic. “I don’t think [Trump] ever distorted things that I spoke to him about,” Fauci told Fox News on Wednesday.

The stars also failed to mention Democratic leaders who downplayed the Chinese virus, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who encouraged people to visit San Francisco’s Chinatown in February. “Everything is fine here,” Pelosi said.

Alyssa Milano called for President Trump to be impeached “again.”

Impeach him again. #TrumpMustResignhttps://t.co/g9jzngr291

— Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) September 9, 2020

Star Trek star George Takei demanded that the president “must resign.”

President Trump must resign. #TrumpKnew

— George Takei (@GeorgeTakei) September 9, 2020

Barbra Streisand accused the president of “deliberate negligence.”

Trump knew the virus was airborne and deadly and he was still pretending it would disappear so he didn’t urge masks and social distancing immediately because he wanted to “downplay” it. How many Americans are now dead because of his deliberate negligence? https://t.co/Cv7karmFBG

— Barbra Streisand (@BarbraStreisand) September 9, 2020

Comedian Patton Oswalt advocated for arresting President Trump.

So… we arrest him, right? Someone arrest him? Criminal negligence? Nearly 200,000 dead? Arrest him? Right? Right? Anyone? https://t.co/E7DntzUpyz

— Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) September 9, 2020

Veep star and DNC surrogate Julia Louis-Dreyfus tweeted the #TrumpKnew hashtag.


— Julia Louis-Dreyfus (@OfficialJLD) September 9, 2020

Ellen Barkin accused the president of actually murdering people.

As he downplayed the people he murdered https://t.co/CxqAmXKpnH

— Ellen Barkin (@EllenBarkin) September 9, 2020

Frozen star Josh Gad accused the president of “criminal negligence.”

Today it’s official. We now officially know based on these recordings that our nation is living through the worst presidency of the modern era and perhaps in American history. To know what he knew and willingly lie to Americans is nothing short of criminal negligence. Jesus. https://t.co/p3EIC5jipd

— Josh Gad (@joshgad) September 9, 2020

Judd Apatow acknowledged that President Trump has mastered the dangers of the coronavirus, but still accused him of “straight up lying.”

One of the most striking parts of this is how sharp he is when he speaks to Woodward about the dangers of the virus. He seems to really understand the dangers and his information is all very accurate. So that means when he is in used car dealer mode he is just straight up lying. https://t.co/Xy28DRgKGA

— Judd Apatow (@JuddApatow) September 9, 2020

Seth MacFarlane accused the president of misleading the public.

In legendary Watergate reporter Bob Woodward’s new book, Trump admits he knew the coronavirus was ‘deadly’ and far more severe than the flu, while actively trying to “play it down” to mislead the public. This observation from John Bolton sheds some obvious light on the motive: pic.twitter.com/opwYSHaXM1

— Seth MacFarlane (@SethMacFarlane) September 9, 2020

Two and a Half Men star Jon Cryer called out “every single Republican senator who didn’t vote to remove Trump during impeachment.”

Every single Republican Senator who didn’t vote to remove Trump during impeachment has this on their heads.



One. #TrumpKnewhttps://t.co/lI3eqSL05J

— Jon Cryer (@MrJonCryer) September 9, 2020

Rosanna Arquette called the president “the embodiment of true evil.” She also made the unfounded accusation that the president kept PPE “away from health care workers.”

Individual 1 knowingly allowed American mothers, fathers ,grandpas grandmas ,aunts Uncles brothers sisters and children to DIE from covid 19. he kept essential PPE away from health care workers while he sent those supplies to Russia and China he is the embodiment of true evil.

— ✌🏼rosanna arquette (@RoArquette) September 9, 2020

John Leguizamo added his voice to the impeachment redux chorus.

Impeachable offense again! Must impeach again! https://t.co/jfL6hAPR7g

— John Leguizamo (@JohnLeguizamo) September 9, 2020

Actor and physician Ken Jeong tweeted: “Please vote him out.”

This is insanity. Please vote him out. https://t.co/OjFFf7HXd3

— Ken Jeong (@kenjeong) September 9, 2020

Jeffrey Wright attempted a joke about McDonald’s-loving rapper Travis Scott.

Trump claiming he doesn't want panic in America is like Travis Scott coming out next month against the Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

— Jeffrey Wright (@jfreewright) September 9, 2020

The West Wing star Bradley Whitford lashed out at Bob Woodward, accusing the journalist of withholding “the truth in order to maximize his profits” for his forthcoming book.

It’s downright Trumpian of @realBobWoodward to withhold the truth in order to maximize his profits at the expense of innocent Amercan lives.

— Bradley Whitford (@BradleyWhitford) September 9, 2020

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