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Hollywood Celebrities Push Impeachment of Trump: He Should 'Never Be Allowed to Hold Office Again'

Hollywood celebrities know a lot about promoting pointless sequels. Now they are putting their influencer status to work to promote the Democrats’ latest reboot — the impeachment of President Donald Trump — as the House of Representatives begins proceedings against the president on Wednesday.

Stars including Debra Messing, Rob Reiner, Alec Baldwin, Kerry Washington, and The View‘s Sunny Hostin are whipping up impeachment fever on social media, hoping to build up pressure against the president and send an unambiguous message to conservatives around the country.

Democrats and some Republicans are accusing the president of leading a coup against the government after a group of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol last week. The president told his supporters to protest peacefully and specifically told the rioters to disband and return home “in peace.”

That hasn’t stopped the president’s enemies from using the event as an opportunity to push him out of office, just a few days before his term is set to conclude. A year ago, the House voted along party lines to impeach the president, but the effort ultimately failed in the Senate.

On Tuesday, the president dismissed he left’s latest effort to kick him out of office, calling it “absolutely ridiculous” and saying that it has “triggered tremendous anger.”

Left-wing activist-actress Debra Messing, who has promoted violence against President Trump on Twitter without penalty, is among those leading the Hollywood charge, tweeting out the hashtag #RemoveTrumpNow.

— Debra Messing✍🏻 (@DebraMessing) January 12, 2021

Rob Reiner, who has repeatedly accused the president of murder and labeled his supporters white supremacists, added his voice to the chorus.

Every Republican knows the election was not stolen. Every Republican knows Trump is guilty of inciting the deadly attack on our Democracy. Every Republican knows Trump is mentally unstable. Every Republican knows what must be done. Impeachment Conviction.

— Rob Reiner (@robreiner) January 12, 2021

Bette Midler claimed that Trump led a coup attempt.

I don't understand how any lawmaker can look at this and not vote for impeachment of the seditious, inflammatory #Trump. #TrumpCoupAttempt

— bettemidler (@BetteMidler) January 13, 2021

Alec Baldwin tweeted, “Impeach this monster. Now.” The foul-tempered Hollywood star has himself faced accusations of physical violence, including pleading guilty to criminal assault in 2019 over a parking dispute.

Every Republican member of Congress who opposes another impeachment should just sit down and STFU. We know what you’re going to say and it’s only to masturbate your psycho base.
Let’s get on with it.
Impeach this monster. Now.

— AlecBaldwin(HABF) (@AlecBaldwin) January 13, 2021

Veep star Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who hosted the Democratic National Convention last year, applauded anti-Trump Rep. Liz Cheney’s (R-WY) announcement that she will vote to impeach the president.

Read the thread!!! #ImpeachTrump#ImpeachandRemove

— Julia Louis-Dreyfus (@OfficialJLD) January 12, 2021

Two and a Half Men star Jon Cryer tweeted, “He must be impeached and removed.”

Impeachment is the legal constitutional mechanism for removing a president who has abused their power in office.

Trump abused his power in order to overturn a free and fair election.

He must be impeached and removed.

— Jon Cryer (@MrJonCryer) January 12, 2021

Judging Amy star Amy Brenneman declared that the president “must be removed as the clear and present danger that he is. And never be allowed to hold office again.”

Thank you. He must be removed as the clear and present danger that he is. And never be allowed to hold office again.

— Amy Brenneman (@AmyBrenneman) January 11, 2021

Actor Jeffrey Wright posted on Twitter: “Impeach him. Have to. Don’t even flinch.”

Impeach him. Have to. Don't even flinch.

— Jeffrey Wright (@jfreewright) January 12, 2021

Star Trek star George Takei is pressuring Republicans to join Democrats “in impeaching Trump and expelling the traitors.”

The investigations are likely going to expose a plot by insiders in the GOP, is my bet. Those in the party who were not involved had better join the Dems in impeaching Trump and expelling the traitors.

— George Takei (@GeorgeTakei) January 12, 2021

Oscar-winner Patricia Arquette urged Reps. Marcia Fudge (D-OH) and Deb Halaand (D-NM) to vote to impeach the president.

@RepMarciaFudge please vote to impeach

— Patricia Arquette (@PattyArquette) January 11, 2021

@DebHaalandNM please vote to impeach.

— Patricia Arquette (@PattyArquette) January 11, 2021

The View co-host Sunny Hostin said the country must “impeach him, convict him, and remove him from office.”

.@sunny: “We need as a country to be able to hold [Trump] accountable for what he did, and the only way to truly hold him accountable is to impeach him, convict him and remove him from office.”

— The View (@TheView) January 11, 2021

Scandal star Kerry Washington also urged her fans to support impeachment.

Text “EXPEL” to 30403. Doing it now. I hope you’ll join me.

— kerry washington (@kerrywashington) January 11, 2021

Star Wars star Mark Hamill snarked: “Only 393 days since our last impeachment.”

Only 393 days since our last Impeachment. 🇺🇸

— Mark Hamill (@HamillHimself) January 13, 2021

Billy Baldwin, brother of Alec Baldwin, cheered on the impeachment proceedings.


— Billy Baldwin (@BillyBaldwin) January 13, 2021

John Leguizamo thanked Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WI) for announcing that he will vote to impeach the president.

Thank u, sir! Thank you for doing your job for the future of this country!

— John Leguizamo (@JohnLeguizamo) January 12, 2021

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