HANNITY: This scandal extends to the highest levels

He acted as a 'sweetener' for foreign tansactions

Sean Hannity discusses how former Hunter Biden friend Devon Archer allegedly has damning evidence about the Biden family on "Hannity."

SEAN HANNITY: It is a hard reality for Democrats and the media mob. Joe Biden might very well be the most corrupt president in the history of this country. But this isn't just about Joe and credible bribery allegations against him. 

This scandal now extends to the highest levels of the FBI and the DOJ, where unelected government bureaucrats took extreme measures to protect the whole Biden syndicate, the whole family, all while making and taking equally extreme measures and simultaneously to destroy all things Trump and Donald Trump. 

hannity this scandal extends to the highest levels

President Biden walks past reporters outside White House (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Now, for those on the left who are just tuning in, here is an important lesson – we're going to call it, Joe Biden's bribery allegations for left wing dummies. Let's begin with some breaking news. Hunter Biden's former long time business partner, Devon Archer, he is set to testify before Congress one week from tonight. That is next Monday. 

And according to The New York Post, Miranda Devine, while Devon Archer has damning new evidence and information against the big guy himself, apparently we'll learn from him that Joe Biden not only knew about all of Hunter's sketchy foreign business deals, but acted as a sort of closer or sweetener to these foreign transactions that benefited the family in terms of millions and millions of dollars. 

Authored by Fox News Staff via FoxNews July 24th 2023