‘Grease’ series coming to VOD, DVD after Paramount+ removal

July 24 (UPI) — Paramount Home Entertainment announced Monday that Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies will be available on digital video-on-demand Tuesday. A DVD of the series will be released Nov. 7.

Rise of the Pink Ladies was an original musical prequel to the movie Grease, itself based on the hit Broadway musical. The show premiered April 6 and ran for 10 episodes.

Paramount+ removed the series from the streaming service on June 26 along with Queen of the Universe, Star Trek: Prodigy and several more.

The removal of shows and movies from streaming services is one of the issues at play for the striking Writers Guild of America and Screen Actors Guild. When streaming services remove shows, they no longer have to pay actors and creators residuals for any additional views.

Disney+ removed series such as Willow and movies such as Crater. Hulu pulled The Princess, Rosaline and more. Max removed Westworld, Raised By Wolves, Genera+ion and many more series and movies.

Those participants will receive residuals from any digital or DVD purchase. However, the guilds are also negotiating for larger minimum up-front fees and residuals.

Paramount did not initially set a price for the forthcoming DVD. The DVD also will include 30 minutes of bonus features.

Vudu and Amazon list the series for purchase for $14.99 in standard definition or $19.99 in HD. Single episodes cost $1.99 in standard definition or $2.99 in HD. No rental options are listed.

Annabel Oakes created the prequel and served as showrunner for the first and only season. Oakes also shared her surprise at the removal from Paramount+ in since-expired Instagram stories.

Rise of the Pink Ladies starred Marisa Davila, Cheyenne Isabel Wells, Tricia Fukuhara and Ari Notartomaso as four Rydell High students who formed the Pink Ladies gang in the ’50s. The show dealt with issues such as racism, gender identity and slut shaming.

Authored by Upi via Breitbart July 24th 2023