Wednesday, May 22, 2019

GOP Sen. Kennedy: Trump 'Too Smart to Fire Mr. Mueller' -- 'I Know of No Overt Steps to Interfere'

During Thursday’s “New Day” on CNN, Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) doubled down on his stance that the protection bill for FBI special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian collusion is “unnecessary,” arguing President Donald Trump is “too smart” to fire Mueller.

Host John Berman asked Kennedy if acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker is overseeing Mueller’s investigation.

Kennedy said he does not know “with a hundred percent certainty,” adding he also does not know of any “overt steps to interfere” with Mueller.

“I know of no overt steps to interfere with Mr. Mueller, nor should there be, or to impede his investigation,” he told Berman. “Looks to me like Mr. Mueller is moving along now at a very rapid pace.”

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