Friday, August 23, 2019

GOP Rep. Hurd: Trump's Tweets 'Are Racist and Xenophobic'

While speaking with CNN on Monday, Representative Will Hurd (R-TX) stated that President Trump’s tweets about Democratic congresswomen “are racist and xenophobic.”

Hurd said, “The tweets are racist and xenophobic. They’re also inaccurate. Because the four women he’s referring to are folks that have grown — they are U.S. citizens.”

Hurd also stated, “It’s behavior that’s unbecoming of a president of the United States and a leader of the free world. We should be talking about uniting people, not dividing us. And ultimately, politically, it’s hurtful. You were having a civil war going on within the Democratic Party, and now they’ve all circled the wagons and are protecting one another, right? So, that’s my thoughts. And unfortunately, for someone like me, who’s the only black Republican in the House of Representatives, this makes it even harder when I go into communities that most Republicans don’t show up to. This makes it harder in order to bring our message.”

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