Florida Woman Drives Car into Apartment Complex Pool

florida woman drives car into apartment complex pool

A Florida woman reportedly drove her silver sedan through a fence and into an in-ground pool at a Fort Lauderdale apartment complex on the Fourth of July.

T.J. Yarborough was home for his lunch break when the crash occurred, Fox 13 News reported. He wasted no time to help save the woman trapped inside the vehicle completely submerged in the pool.

“She was pretty shocked. She’s a young girl, and I can imagine how shook she was. She was gathering her phone and her purse, but the water was coming up,” Yarborough told the outlet. “I couldn’t get the door open, but the window, the electric still works on the window, so the window still went down. She started climbing through the window and I just grabbed her and put her to the side.”

Sonia Valentin, a resident of the complex, witnessed the rescue, WPLG Local 10 reported.

“I heard a loud crash, and I said, ‘What the heck was that?’” Valentin said. “We came out (and) we saw a neighbor in number one helping her out.”

Authorities lifted the vehicle out of the pool with a crane, and it was towed away.

The woman was not injured. Typically, the pool is a place where many children will play, and luckily no one was there when the accident occurred.

Authored by Elaine Mallon via Breitbart July 9th 2023