Elon Musk’s ‘Project Omega’ Could Create Even More Millionaires Than Tesla

elon musks project omega could create even more millionaires than tesla
Krisztian Bocsi/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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In January 2021, Jason DeBolt called his boss and said, “I quit!”

Shares of Tesla he had bought in 2013 were now worth $11.9 million and had surged by another $900,000 that day alone.

DeBolt was among Elon Musk’s “army of fans” dubbed “Teslanaires,” according to a BBC report in December 2020, after Tesla’s stock capped the year with a 700 percent run.

DeBolt refused to sell a single share of Tesla, even when his financial advisor pleaded with him in a Zoom call to take at least $1 million off the table.

Like his advisor, most people were looking at Tesla’s 18,000 percent gain since its IPO and asking just how much more room the company had to grow.

But according to award-winning futurist Eric Fry, that’s the wrong question to ask.

Fry has spent decades tipping off regular Americans to stocks with the potential to rise 10X or more. In fact, he’s pointed people to 41 of these 1,000 percent gains in the course of his career.

These gains span all kinds of industries. But since November of last year, Fry’s attention has been focused squarely on a major new breakthrough in tech.

Fry’s research shows that Elon Musk has recently flipped the switch on a $15.7 trillion technology that will drive the greatest transfer of wealth in human history.

elon musks project omega could create even more millionaires than tesla

Eric Fry (photo courtesy of InvestorPlace)

It has nothing to do with Tesla or SpaceX. But it’s already spreading 42x faster than the Internet—and it’s on track to create more millionaires, too.

Now, Fry is no “perma-bull” who’s always predicting a big stock market run. In fact, he publicly warned people in 2000 that a tech crash was coming—weeks before the Nasdaq began its 78 percent meltdown. And in 2005, he appeared on CNBC warning of a housing bubble, possibly saving thousands from the housing collapse two years later.

But Elon Musk’s new mission — what Fry is calling “Project Omega” — isn’t just bigger than Tesla. It’s much bigger than any market boom or crash.

Fry says it will turn the growing wealth gap in America “into a black hole so large that if you’re on the wrong side, you’ll never be able to catch up.”

According to Fry, three simple steps will set the winners apart from the losers.

Take them today, and you could tap into what Forbes is calling “the greatest profit engine in history.”

This presentation reveals what’s at stake.

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