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Donald Trump: I Would Let My Son Barron Play Football

President Donald Trump would be willing to let his son Barron Trump play football, despite the dangers posed by the physical nature of the game.

During a Westwood One radio broadcast with Jim Gray before the Super Bowl, Trump was asked whether he would allow his son Barron, or any of his grandchildren to play football.

“If they wanted, I would allow them to play,” Trump said. “But I will say that they have to be very careful.”

Trump’s answer is different than former President Obama — who regularly signaled that if he had a son, he would probably not allow him to play in the sport.

“I would not let my son play pro football,” Obama said, in 2014.

But Trump remarked that he played football “at a certain level” while growing up and appreciated the toughness of the sport.

“It’s a rough game and it’s a tough game and there’s something really good about that in terms of competition, and learning how to compete and win,” he said.

Trump acknowledged that some parents were keeping their children out of football, but he would let the children in his family decide for themselves.

“Regardless, I would leave it up to the young person in the family, I think I would have to do that,” he said.

Charlie Spiering

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