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Dem Sen Murphy: Linda McMahon ‘Unquestionably Qualified’ to Head SBA

Thursday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) declared fellow Connecticuter Linda McMahon, the WWE co-founder and one-time political opponent of Murphy, to be “unquestionably qualified” to run the Small Business Administration.

Murphy pointed to McMahon’s ability to succeed as a professional wrestling magnate and added that her Connecticut Republican values were more moderate than the values of Republicans from other parts of the country.

“You know, I ran against her in 2012,” Murphy said. “She wasn’t very nice to me in that campaign, but I’ve forgiven and she’s unquestionably qualified for this job. She turned a small business into a big multi-national business, which is what a lot of small businesses want to become. She is also a Connecticut Republican – not an Oklahoma Republican, so she’s bringing, I think, some important moderate values to the administrations. So yeah, I think of all the potential picks for the SBA, Linda McMahon would have been at the top of my list and I’ll be supporting her when she comes before the Senate.”

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