Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Chicago Raises Downtown Bridges to Slow Riots

Chicago authorities raised the city’s iconic river bridges in the city’s downtown loop during protests and riots on Saturday to slow the flow of people walking into the city.

Photos and videos of the event were shared on Twitter. The bascule bridges seen below link downtown Chicago across an east-west segment of the Chicago River connecting to the city’s coast on Lake Michigan.

Standoff between Chicago Police and protesters on Wabash bridge outside Trump Tower

Other bridges raised to prevent the same@cbschicago#GeorgeFloydProtestpic.twitter.com/rgqPvwAUWo

— Marissa Parra (@MarParNews) May 30, 2020

If for some reason you were thinking of coming to downtown Chicago tonight: Don’t. You literally won’t be able to cross that bridge (or that bridge or that bridge) when you come to it. pic.twitter.com/fIAmWcXHVH

— Richard Roeper (@RichardERoeper) May 31, 2020

Chicago’s local CBS affiliate reported, “After a standoff ensued between police and protesters on the Wabash Avenue Bridge outside Trump Tower, other Chicago River bridges were raised to prevent the same from happening elsewhere.”

Tyler LaRiviere of the Chicago Sun Times shared a video of demonstrators congregating on one of Chicago’s downtown bridges.

Cops issuing an automated dispersal order in English and Spanish to protesters on Wabash Bridge. #Chicago#GeorgeFloydpic.twitter.com/bMZZgkBI3g

— Tyler LaRiviere (@TylerLaRiviere) May 30, 2020

Things are growing more and more tense on Wabash Bridge near Trump Tower as cops march along and clash with protesters. #Chicago#GeorgeFloydpic.twitter.com/9fNZJOUeG1

— Tyler LaRiviere (@TylerLaRiviere) May 30, 2020

Another melees breaking out appears cops want protesters off the Wabash Bridge, cops on horses behind a shield wall of cops keeps motioning to push forward. #Chicago#GeorgeFloydpic.twitter.com/SXK5YqIhCt

— Tyler LaRiviere (@TylerLaRiviere) May 30, 2020

The Chicago Sun Timesreported that city authorities enacting a downtown parking ban and canceled most public transportation services to the area during the afternoon and evening. It also described the size of Saturday’s crowds as larger then the previous days’ demonstrations and riots.

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown said approximately 108 arrests had been made.

I've never seen this before. #chicagoprotestpic.twitter.com/E7IFAGaJ7F

— Margo 🌹 (@margomichaela) May 30, 2020

Bridges are up #Chicago#ChicagoProtestspic.twitter.com/x6Odq4syJG

— 尺乇刀乇ムムり乇 (@RenegadeStarr) May 31, 2020

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