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Apple Store Robbed After Car Drives Through Front Window

An Apple store in Palo Alto has reopened this week following a bizarre robbery that took place on Sunday.

CBS San Francisco reports that a large SUV drove through the front window of the Palo Alto Apple store, with witnesses claiming as many as “20 people running from the scene.” The store reopened this week, with large boards replacing the signature glass front wall that have become synonymous with Apple stores around the world.

Police believe that the robbery was an attack organised by a large group, coordinating by vehicle and on foot. “They went inside the store, ran around for about 45 seconds and grabbed phones and laptops. Whatever they could find and then came out and scattered in all directions,” Police Lieutenant Zach Perron said.

Four suspects are currently in custody: 19-year-old Shaquin Ferbuson and 18-year-old Erica White of Oakland. Two other individuals have been apprehended but are minors so their names have not been released. Another car containing multiple Apple products was found near a parking complex, and is believed to belong to one of the suspects.

The Palo Alto Apple store has been the target of multiple robberies recently, with Sunday’s attack marking the sixth robbery in six months. Another store on Chestnut Street in San Francisco has been robbed twice since Thanksgiving.

Lucas Nolan

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