Another Affirmative Action Disaster

another affirmative action disaster
Former New Orleans DA Eddie Jordan.

Affirmative Action In Government

A recurring theme we've covered here is the consequences of placing unqualified individuals in fields such as medicine or aviation, where mistakes can cost lives (see, for example, The Next Affirmative Action Disaster). 

Last weekend, we shared a thread by Richard Hanania highlighting an affirmative action disaster in medicine, the former Martin Luther King/Drew Medical Center in Los Angeles, a hospital so bad locals called it "Killer King".

In a new thread below, Hanania has now documented another affirmative action disaster, this time in government/law enforcement: the former New Orleans District Attorney Eddie Jordan, who presided over the city with one of the highest homicide rates in the country.



In Case You Missed It

In our Exits post on Friday, we highlighted the best-performing hedged portfolio from our January 19th cohort on the Portfolio Armor website. This was another one that more than doubled the performance of SPY over the next six months, with the biggest gains coming from a position in Super Micro Computer (SMCI). 

another affirmative action disaster

another affirmative action disaster

You can find an interactive version of that chart here.

This is another example of the benefit of concentration. If SMCI had been one of dozens of stocks in a portfolio, it wouldn't have had as big an impact. You can find an interactive version of that chart here.


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Authored by Portfolio Armor via ZeroHedge July 22nd 2023