Sunday, January 17, 2021

7-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Delivers Socks to Patients at NYC Children's Hospital

A seven-year-old cancer survivor is making it her mission in life to pay it forward by delivering warm, fuzzy socks to patients at a New York City children’s hospital.

Aryn Diggs, who is both a cancer survivor and author at such a young age, hopes that delivering the socks to these young patients gives them hope in an otherwise tough time in their lives, CBS New York reported.

Aryn underwent surgery and several rounds of chemotherapy after she was diagnosed with cancer at the age of two.

But on Monday, she was giving back by delivering 50 pairs of socks along with her family outside Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan.

The socks went to children fighting cancer.

“They’re comfy and designed very well,” said Aryn.

The socks were designed by children fighting cancer and are delivered by childhood cancer survivors who volunteer to distribute the socks.

The company behind the socks, Resilience Gives, says that for every pair purchased, a pair is donated.

Founder Jake Teitelbaum told CBS New York that he came up with the idea after spending a lot of time in the hospital when he was diagnosed with cancer in college.

“It always stuck out that you get your gown and these really drab hospital socks,” Teitelbaum said.

He added that even though socks are a small thing, they can really brighten up a patient’s experience.

Aryn is not the only young cancer survivor donating socks to children with cancer recently.

An eight-year-old boy from Maryland who survived cancer donated socks to Medstar Georgetown University Hospital, WJLA reported.

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