Monday, August 3, 2020

110 Migrants Climbing Outdated Border Fence Caught on Camera

Surveillance video captured the moment when more than 110 migrants exploited outdated fencing technology to cross the U.S.-Mexico Border on Monday. The end of the footage shows a human smuggler running away from the fence with a ladder on his back.

Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents responded to the area after being notified of the illegal border crossing already underway. The agents managed to apprehend all of the migrants, according to a tweet from Yuma Sector Border Patrol officials.

On Monday #CBP#YumaSector Border Patrol agents apprehended a group of 110+ Central Americans who illegally scaled the wall with the assistance of a smuggler with a ladder

— CBP Arizona (@CBPArizona) January 23, 2019

The video shows the group of illegal immigrants, including what appears to be minors, climbing down and dropping from the border wall after being assisted by a human smuggler on the Mexican side with a ladder. The migrants used the ladder to reach the top of the outdated fencing technology that is being replaced in many other sections of the border. They then climbed down or dropped from the top of the wall.

Yuma Sector officials told Breitbart News on Thursday that 118 migrants in total crossed in this incident. Of those, the majority were Family Unit Aliens from Guatemala.

The Yuma Sector is seeing massive exploitation of the weaknesses of the existing border fencing in recent weeks as the government remains partially shut-down over funding for new border barriers. The location of this particular crossing was about 1.5 miles west of where a large group of 376 migrants recently exploited the fencing technology by digging underneath the outdated fencing.

Group of 376 Central Americans illegally crossed from Mexico and inundated agents in #Yumasector on Monday morning. Almost all were families or unaccompanied juveniles.

— CBP Arizona (@CBPArizona) January 18, 2019

“This piece of infrastructure also lacks the reinforced concrete footer that newer types of infrastructure have,” Border Patrol spokesman Jose J. Garibay III told Breitbart News.

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