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100 Earthquakes Hit Near California-Mexico Border on New Year’s Eve

The California Institute of Technology is reporting approximately 100 earthquakes were detected near the California-Mexico border on New Year’s Eve.

The quakes were centered about Brawley, CA, “which is about 125 miles east of San Diego and 20 miles north of the border.”

According to ABC 7, the largest of the quakes was about 3.9 magnitude. They report that scientists say larger quakes in the region are possible and “the shaking may continue for several days.” The outbreak of quakes occurred over 30 miles from the San Andreas Fault and is not expected to cause any large scale quakes.

The @ABC7 Quake Cam registered 1 of the more than 100 earthquakes that hit during the swarm near Brawley

— ABC7 Eyewitness News (@ABC7) January 1, 2017

Seismologist Lucy Jones says there was an outbreak of quakes in the same area in 2012, and that the 2012 outbreak was much larger in magnitude.

Map of today’s quakes (pink) with quakes in much bigger 2012 swarm. From Caltech

— Dr. Lucy Jones (@DrLucyJones) January 1, 2017

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