John Leguizamo Rips 'All White' Voice Cast for 'Super Mario Bros.' Reboot

John Leguizamo Rips 'All White' Voice Cast for 'Super Mario Bros.' Reboot

Actor John Leguizamo, who starred in the 1993 movie Super Mario Bros., is complaining that the upcoming movie reboot features an “all white” cast of actors, with no “Latinx” stars in the title roles.

John Leguizamo voiced his displeasure with the upcoming animated movie, which will feature the voices of Chris Pratt and Charlie Day as the popular Nintendo video game plumbers of Italian descent.

So glad #superMariobros is getting a reboot! Obviously it’s iconic enuff. But too bad they went all white! No Latinx in the leads! Groundbreaking color-blind casting in original! Plus I’m the only one who knows how to make this movie work script wise!

— John Leguizamo (@JohnLeguizamo) September 27, 2021

Leguizamo’s claim that the the new movie went “all white” doesn’t appear to be completely accurate.

The cast list featured on IMDb shows actors Keegan-Michael Key and Kevin Michael Richardson in supporting roles. Neither actor is white. The cast also features the voices of Seth Rogen, Ana Taylor-Joy, and Jack Black.

Universal is set to open the new Super Mario Bros. in theaters next year.

Leguizamo starred in the 1993 movie version alongside Bob Hoskins. The Disney movie was a notorious critical and financial flop.

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Earlier this year, Leguizamo expressed his support for critical race theory, defending the controversial race-based ideology in a series of Instagram videos. The actor claimed that people opposed to critical race theory are really just trying to ban “criticism of white people theory.”

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