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Trump Gives Strong Support to 2024 Los Angeles Olympic Bid

Let the games begin! That would be the abbreviated version of the message President Donald Trump delivered to the International Olympic Committee on where he stands with America’s bid to have the 2024 games held in Los Angeles.

In an interview with Westwood One radio, Trump said he felt his conversation with the committee was a positive one. Trump said, “They wanted to have an endorsement from me, and I gave it to them very loud and clear. I would love to see the Olympics go to Los Angeles. I think that it’ll be terrific. The United States committee’s members have asked me to speak up about it, and I have, and I think I’ve helped them, and let’s see what happens. But I’d be very happy and honored if they would choose Los Angeles, and we’d stand behind it.”

According to NBC Sports, “Los Angeles is vying with Budapest and Paris for the 2024 Olympics. IOC members will vote to choose the host city in September. The U.S. is in the midst of its longest stretch between hosting Olympics (Summer or Winter) since the 28-year gap between 1932 and 1960.

“In November, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Trump talked about immigration, infrastructure and the Olympics in their first phone call after the election.”

When asked about what effect his recent executive orders regarding immigration would have on the Los Angeles bid for the Olympics, Trump responded, “Well, I don’t know, but we have to have, regardless, we have to have security in our country. We have to know who’s coming into our country.”

While the IOC has not commented on Trump’s executive order, the U.S. Olympic Committee issued a statement shortly after the order: (BLOCK QUOTE)

“Like the United States, the Olympic Movement was founded based upon principles of diversity and inclusion, of opportunity and overcoming adversity. As the steward of the Olympic Movement in the United States, we embrace those values. We also acknowledge the difficult task of providing for the safety and security of a nation. It is our sincere hope that the executive order as implemented will appropriately recognize the values on which our nation, as well as the Olympic Movement, were founded.”

In recent years, countries with such stellar human rights records as China and Russia have hosted the Olympics. While no one would accuse Los Angeles of representing the best parts of humanity. If one-party police states can host the Olympics, so can Los Angeles.

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