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The Hollywood Reporter: Inside the ‘War Room’ as Breitbart CEO Claims ‘Smear Campaign from Mainstream’

Paul Bond of The Hollywood Reporter writes a profile of Breitbart News’s Los Angeles office – a “nondescript location [that] is in fact ground zero of a media movement that helped elect one of the most polarizing presidential candidates in memory.”

From The Hollywood Reporter:

On Nov. 17, a dozen writers huddle in a room mostly made of glass — their “hashtag war room” — a nod to founder Andrew Breitbart who, before his death in 2012, declared war on the “Democratic-Media Complex.” The mostly 30-something staffers are remarkably jovial, considering the Democrats’ descriptions of the staff as hateful bigots who threaten the very fabric of the nation (the group fancies itself as America-loving patriots). Most of them, in fact, can tell stories of cousins, friends, long-lost school mates — even Uber drivers — who’ve launched unprompted attacks on their character. They are unable to fathom how anyone could work for Breitbart or Bannon and not be a racist, homophobe or anti-Semite.

“It’s a complete smear campaign from the mainstream media to undermine our influence and undermine the power Bannon has now,” says Breitbart News CEO Larry Solov. “It didn’t work against Trump, and it won’t work against us. This is a political war, and it can get ugly.”

During Pollak’s post-election visit to Andrew Breitbart’s grave, he says he was thinking of the title of his memoir published just prior to his death, Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World. “I think Andrew saved the world,” says Pollak. “It may not look like it now because everyone’s running around like crazy people accusing people of stuff, but this election will remind Democrats that there should be checks and balances on the presidency.”

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