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Robert Duvall’s Neighbor Shoots Down Drone That Drifted Into Her ‘Airspace’

Jennifer Youngman used a .20 gauge shotgun to bring down a drone that drifted into her “airspace” after hovering over the home of her neighbor, actor Robert Duvall.

She says her only regret is that pieces of the drone fell in her pasture, resulting in two flat tires.

According to the Fauquier Times, Youngman is Duvall’s neighbor in Fauquier County, Virginia. She says she “was cleaning [her] .410 gauge and .20 gauge on my front porch when [she] noticed” two men pull up in front of Duvall’s home and release the drone.

“I put two and two together,” Youngman told the paper. “They set up a card table and began flying it across the field. The cows were being disturbed, and I thought these might have been some of the same people who have been run off in the past.”

She said the wind picked up and the two individuals “appeared to lose control of the drone.”

“They were going a little too fast and they went over my airspace. I had my .20-gauge there, so I put two 7 1/2 birdshot shells in it, and there you are,” Youngman said.

She said the men yelled, and then climbed into a black Range Rover and fled once she told them she was calling the police. Youngman added, “They were kinda mad, but they knew to not come on my property.”

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