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Robert Davi’s ‘Deplorable Challenge’ Lights Up Twitter

Conservative actor and talk radio host Robert Davi lit up Twitter on Saturday by urging his hundreds of thousands of social media followers to take the so-called “deplorable challenge” — so named for Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s claim this weekend that millions of supporters of Republican candidate Donald Trump belong in a “basket of deplorables” reserved for racist, sexist, xenophobic bigots.

“Fellow Americans. I want each and every one of you to take the deplorable challenge that are voting for Trump/Pence 2016,” the actor and Breitbart News contributor said in a video posted to his Twitter account. “That’s right. I’m a deplorable.”

“Remember the movie The Dirty Dozen? They went in and they saved the day? Well, let’s be deplorable,” Davi continued. “We’re deplorable because we stand for America first. We want foreign and domestic policy to be America first. We’re deplorable because we stand for the National Anthem. We’re deplorable because we want ‘God bless America.’ We’re deplorable because we’re voting Trump/Pence 2016.”


— Robert Davi (@RobertJohnDavi) September 10, 2016

“So go on. Take the deplorable challenge,” Davi urged. “I’m a deplorable. Trump/Pence 2016. God bless America.”

Davi’s tweet had garnered nearly 3,500 re-tweets and nearly 4,500 “likes” at the time of publication.

During a fundraiser in New York City Friday night, Clinton told supporters that “half” of those supporting Trump fit into what she termed a “basket of deplorables;” “the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, you name it.”

“Some of those folks — they are irredeemable, but thankfully they are not America,” she added.

The comment sparked immediate backlash online and — aided by Davi’s and other media personalities and celebrities’ tweets — immediately began trending on Twitter.

Davi — a staunch supporter of Republican Donald Trump in the 2016 race — recently took over for the late Jerry Doyle on Talk Radio Network, where he hosts from 3-6 p.m. PT.

“We are in the battle for the soul of America and voices must cry out from the wilderness,” Davi told Breitbart News ahead of the launch of his new program in August. “America lies in the balance; the policies of the progressive Communist Left and and GOP elites have brought us to this precipice. Now more than ever, we need to inspire, and galvanize around Donald Trump.”

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