Tuesday, December 10, 2019
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Report: Laura Ingraham Tapped for Trump Debate Prep

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham is now part of Donald Trump’s debate prep team, joining Roger Ailes and Rudy Giuliani.

The Washington Postreported Saturday:

Donald Trump is taking a different approach. He summons his informal band of counselors — including former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, talk-radio host Laura Ingraham and ousted Fox News Channel chairman Roger Ailes — to his New Jersey golf course for Sunday chats. Over bacon cheeseburgers, hot dogs and glasses of Coca-Cola, they test out zingers and chew over ways to refine the Republican nominee’s pitch.

Ingraham may play Hillary Clinton in a mock debate if Trump chooses to hold debate rehearsals, the report added.

Trump and Clinton will face off in three scheduled presidential debates: September 26, October 9, and October 19.

Katie McHugh