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Report: 74% of Netflix Users Would Rather Cancel Account Than See Ads

74% of Netflix users would rather cancel their accounts than watch advertisements on the service, according to a survey.

The survey also revealed that 90% of the surveyed 1,200 users would rather pay more money for the service than watch ads, with most people willing to pay $1 to $2 more each month in such a situation.

“In remarkably large numbers, our respondents claimed that they would indeed cancel Netflix over ads,” wrote Stephen Lovely, who launched the survey. “Nearly three quarters of respondents – 74%, to be exact – said they’d be done with Netflix if ads debuted on the service.”

At the prospect of advertisements on the service, one user even commented, “WTF, I would cancel immediately,” demonstrating the unpopularity of such an idea.

In October, it was revealed that Netflix has dropped nearly half of their movie titles since 2012, losing eighteen IMDB top 250 movie classic in just two years.

“Licensing arrangements with outside TV and film distributors have a fixed term, and thus represent a recurring cost if you want to continue offering their content in your library,” explained TechCrunch reporter Darrell Etherington, who pointed out the large increase in popular original television shows at Netflix. “Original content is a one-and-done expense (though admittedly higher up-front), which then permanently continues to the breadth and size of your video catalog.”

In September, it was also reported that children watch content on Netflix up to 27 times as much as playing outdoors.

Charlie Nash is a reporter for Breitbart Tech. You can follow him on Twitter @MrNashington or like his page at Facebook.

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