Wednesday, December 11, 2019
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  • Pence: Media Parse Trump’s Every Word, Ignore What Clintons Have Been Doing for Last 30 Yrs

Pence: Media Parse Trump’s Every Word, Ignore What Clintons Have Been Doing for Last 30 Yrs

GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence called out the mainstream media on Saturday for focusing most of their time trying to parse Donald Trump’s words than investigating the scandals that have followed the Clintons throughout their political careers.

“The media is so busy parsing what Donald Trump said in the last 30 minutes that they keep ignoring what the Clintons have been doing for the last 30 years,” Pence said Saturday at Patrick Henry College in Virginia.

The Indiana Governor called the mainstream press “the party in power” and said they, along with Democrats, “all keep telling each other that the usual methods are going to work” to take down Trump and “then they wake up the next morning… and Donald Trump is still standing fighting for the American people and fighting to make this country great and strong again.”

Pence said Trump has to battle Clinton and the media on the campaign trail as the mainstream press ignore the “cascade of controversies and questionable conduct that flows out of the Clinton years.”

Pence slammed Clinton for using a private server and deleting her emails with BleachBit. He mentioned that the FBI tried to open up a criminal investigation into the Clinton Foundation but the Obama administration blocked it. He also reminded voters that the FBI found 15,000 more Clinton emails that were not turned over while others proved that Clinton’s State Department gave expedited access to foundation donors. He also blasted the Obama administration for deciding not to provide Clinton’s minute-by-minute schedule at the State Department until after the election after an Associated Press report found that half of her meetings were with foundation donors while reviewing half of her State Department schedule.

“Now let me get this straight,” Pence said. “So it would be a conflict of interest to accept foreign and corporate donations to your foundation if you were president, but it wasn’t a conflict of interest to accept foreign donations while you were Secretary of State?”

He said the Clinton Foundation should be shut down and the Justice Department should appoint a special prosector. Pence said Americans are “sick and tired of pay to play politics in Washington, D.C.” and “it’s the kind of politics that will come to a crashing end” when Trump is elected. Pence added that “the days of the rigged system of the favored few will come to an end and Donald Trump’s only special interest will be you, the American people.”

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