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MILO on Channel 4: ‘I Am A Gay Jew And Steve Bannon Made Me Into A Star’

Breitbart Senior Editor MILO appeared on UK TV station, Channel 4 recently to discuss the alt-right, American politics and Donald Trump with host Cathy Newman.

MILO rejected Newman’s assertion that he considered himself a “leader” of the alt-right. “No! The media is desperate to crown me the queen of it!” replied MILO, “all I’ve ever done as a reporter is give them a fair hearing, give them a fair crack of the whip in the press. For that crime I have been called all sorts of awful names.”

“But their too extreme even for you?” asked Newman, “No I wouldn’t say that,” MILO replied, “We’re fellow travellers on some issues but I’m very pro Iraq and very pro Israel, there’s all sorts of points of difference I think.”

Newman then questioned MILO on the recent appointment of former Breitbart News Executive Chairman, Steve Bannon to the position of Chief Strategist of Trumps White House. “Do you think your boss, Steve Bannon, chairman of Breitbart and now Trumps Chief Strategist, do you think he has horribly regressive attitudes? He’s been described by some liberals as an anti-semite, a white nationalist, have they got that wrong?”

“Well Breitbart is a company staffed almost entirely by Jews, I am a gay Jew and he made me into a star, he flew over from America to hire Raheem Kassam to run the London office who is a brown skinned Muslim. This stuff is ridiculous, what a lot of Brits don’t always understand is how ugly and terrifying American politics can be, the name calling can be extraordinary.”

Lucas Nolan

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