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Iowa Women Back Trump, Bash ‘Deceptive’ Hillary Clinton: ‘It’s All About Her’

DES MOINES, Iowa — Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst, the first woman combat veteran elected to the U.S. Senate, railed against Hillary Clinton during her second annual Roast and Ride on Saturday.

“She has failed us,” Ernst stated. “She has failed members of our military. She is not fit to be our Commander in Chief.”

“It’s all about her when it should be all about you,” Ernst declared to more than 1,800 Republican supporters.

Several Hawkeye state women who attended Ernst’s event told Breitbart News the reason they can’t support Clinton — the first female presidential candidate from a major party — is because they think she’s deceptive.

“She’s obviously in it for herself as her history proves,” Deb Banwart from Northwest Iowa explained.

Banwart said she wants people to vote by what the candidates have done — not what they say they’ll do. She stressed that she doesn’t want a career politician to be elected President of the United States.

Jodie McGuire from Bettendorf, Iowa supports Donald Trump over Clinton “because he is telling the truth.”

Like McGuire, Patty Thompson from Jefferson, Iowa told Breitbart News that she opposes Clinton because the former secretary of state doesn’t tell the truth, describing her as “very dishonest and deceptive.”

In a recent CBS News / YouGov poll, 69 percent of Iowa voters said they don’t believe Clinton tells the truth. However, Trump didn’t score much better, as 62 percent said they didn’t think he told the truth.

National polls have suggested Trump is facing an uphill battle to win over female voters ahead of the general election.

The Washington Postrecently reported that over the past year, 65 percent of females who were questioned in Washington Post-ABC polls said they hold an “unfavorable” view of the New Yorker. In mid-July, that number stood at 69 percent.

“No candidate has won the presidency — or even come close — with so little support from women since before 1980,” the Post noted.

However, Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s new campaign manager, is hoping to change women’s minds about the Republican nominee, pointing out that “a critical mass of women have not said they’d vote for Hillary Clinton.”

Cindy Hoffman, who also attended the Roast and Ride at the Iowa State Fairgrounds, said the wall is a big reason she supports Trump. “He’s going to fix everything.”

Hoffman added she doesn’t like Clinton because she’s a “career politician” and “working for herself and her friends.”

“She should go to prison,” Hoffman stated. “She’s a liar.”

Athena Cole, a Republican activist and volunteer in Iowa, likes that Trump doesn’t pander to certain demographics.

“I think he will bring back an efficiency in the government,” Cole explained. “He doesn’t pander and I appreciate that about him” unlike Clinton, she added.

Alex Swoyer

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