Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Instagram Introduces Anti-Abuse Content Settings

Instagram is rolling out anti-abuse content settings, introducing an “offensive word” block list for all users in its latest update.

Instagram’s newest update will allow users to filter the comments that they see on photographs by specifying particular words that they do not like. The setting, called “hide inappropriate comments,” must be manually activated in the user options menu and already comes loaded with an offensive word list picked out by Instagram, but the option to add new words is readily available.

Instagram founder, Kevin Systrom, said that he believes these options are necessary “to promote a culture where everyone feels safe to be themselves without criticism or harassment.” He further expanded on Instagram’s responsibility to their users, saying, “We know tools aren’t the only solution for this complex problem, but together, we can work towards keeping Instagram a safe place for self-expression,”

Systrom continued, “My commitment to you is that we will keep building features that safeguard the community and maintain what makes Instagram a positive and creative place for everyone.”

Instagram previously rolled out anti-abuse tools for its more popular users like Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian earlier in the year to automatically hide offensive comments on the celebrities’ accounts. This has proven useful for many celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber who have found themselves at the center of drama in recent months.

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Lucas Nolan