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Dr. Jane Orient: ‘Media Is Being Told Not to Give Us the Whole Story’ on Hillary Clinton’s Health

Dr. Jane Orient, executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, joined SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Monday’s Breitbart News Daily to talk about Hillary Clinton’s medical condition.

“Let’s stick to the facts that we know,” Dr. Orient suggested, adding:

We know that she has a very serious concussion that took her a long time to recover from. We also know that she had transverse sinus thrombosis, which involves one of the two veins that drains blood out of your head. And both of these things can have serious long-term consequences. We’ve certainly heard about the National Football League, and the movie Concussion, and about the longtime problems had by athletes who have suffered concussions.

Orient pointed out that “as far as we know,” Clinton has not undergone the neuro-cognitive testing such athletes require before receiving permission to return to the field.

“Also, her doctor has made the statement that this clot near her brain has dissolved, but I don’t know how she came to that conclusion because it usually doesn’t. Anti-coagulants don’t dissolve clots; they help to prevent them from propagating,” she noted.

Orient said:

Does she have a residual problem getting blood out of her head, which causes high pressure on your brain? It’s not like having a swollen ankle. Your brain doesn’t really have any room to swell. And this can cause serious problems. So we’re dealing with a lot of episodes that look strange, that appear to be intermittent and transient, but that could be related to these old problems, and we just don’t have the type of information that would allow anyone to come to a conclusion about whether she is neurologically disabled or not.

“And, quite aside from the medical information that we have, we have these documents that were acquired, I think, by Judicial Watch – you can’t get anything out of the Clintons without suing them, it seems – that Huma Abedin had said that you had to be careful because Secretary Clinton gets ‘confused,’” she said, to which Marlow added Clinton’s claim to the FBI that she had forgotten essential national security training due to complications from her head injury.

“This is just not someone who has the constitution to be President in the 24-hour news cycle, in this globalized world that Hillary Clinton’s fought for, where it’s such an international job; it’s such a relentless time commitment,” Marlow declared.

Orient found it “very concerning” that so many in the media have tried to suppress serious discussion of Clinton’s health.

“Look at all the discussion there was about John McCain’s skin cancer,” she recalled. “That went on and on. And where are they deploring people coming up with armchair psychiatric diagnoses of Donald Trump because of things he said that they don’t like?” she asked.

Marlow expressed doubt that the publicized diagnosis of pneumonia for Clinton was accurate, but if it were, he asked how long she would be “off her feet.”

“Well, that’s a good question. She wasn’t ‘off her feet’ two days after the diagnosis was supposedly made,” Orient replied, referring to the story that Clinton was secretly diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday. She continued, “Generally, a doctor will not say, well, it’s perfectly okay for you to go outside, to a very crowded event, two days after she’s diagnosed with pneumonia. Usually a person doesn’t feel like getting out of bed – has a fever, needs fluids, needs antibiotics.”

“I think the diagnosis is kind of odd,” Orient said. The doctor added:

I mean, she’s had this cough for months and months, off and on, and as far as I know, she wasn’t prominently coughing after she had the diagnosis of pneumonia. You don’t usually recover and feel great after resting briefly at your daughter’s house. Something just doesn’t hang together. I think we’re not getting the whole story, and admittedly, the media is being told not to give us the whole story, or not to talk about it at all.

Dr. Orient did not wish to speculate about Clinton’s earlier coughing fits, pointing out that she had no medical data to work from and had not examined Clinton personally.

“But I will say this: if she has it because of allergies, which is what she said, she needs a better allergist,” she added. “Because usually a cough from allergies is pretty easily controlled with some inhaled steroids. That just doesn’t really hang together or make sense, either.”

As for the initial explanation that Clinton fainted due to overheating, even though the temperature on Sunday morning was pleasant, Orient said, “Who knows what she was wearing under her garments? They speculate that she was wearing body armor. I don’t know. Soldiers in the desert wear it, I guess, and they don’t faint when it’s seventy degrees or seventy-nine degrees.”

“People, I think, are believing that they cannot rely on what they’re being told,” she observed. Marlow seconded this by noting that voters have legitimate concerns about the health of presidential candidates, and those needs were not well-served by the Clinton-friendly mainstream media, which might not have reported on her fainting spell at all if a citizen journalist had not captured her collapse on video.

Orient felt Clinton’s pattern of duplicity and secrecy had gone on quite long: “I don’t think anything that she could do would make me comfortable” with her medical condition.

She recommended:

I think if you wanted to be sure that she was not cognitively impaired, because of her history, she should have to have neuro-cognitive testing, like athletes would have to have. She needs an MRI with a DTI, it’s called, to see what the connections are in her brain because of potential traumatic brain injury. She needs to have a way of measuring the pressure in her head. She needs a venogram to, to see to what extent that venous drainage is impaired because of that clot, whether or not it’s still there.

“These things, I think, would be included in the medical record. Oh, and also an EEG because there have been episodes that, to some people, look like seizures,” Orient added.

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