Cory Booker: People from 'Shithole Countries' Deserve to Come to America

Sen. Cory Booker insisted Wednesday that immigrants from “shithole countries” should be allowed to come to America, not just the highly educated.

During CNN’s Democrat debate on Wednesday, Booker criticized Biden for proposing that every green card holder with a Ph.D. should be allowed citizenship in the United States.

“This really irks me,” Booker said.

He argued that proposals like Biden’s automatically made it unfairly competitive between uneducated and educated immigrants trying to come into the country.

“That’s playing into what Republicans want, to pit some immigrants against other immigrants,” he said. “Some are from shithole countries, and some are from wealthy countries.”

Booker said that everyone deserved the same chance to come to America.

“Don’t let the Republicans divide this party against itself,” he said.

Despite Booker’s attempt to be a healer, the senator frequently challenged Biden on several issues, especially his record on criminal justice.

Charlie Spiering

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