Saturday, August 24, 2019

Comedian Colin Quinn Calls on the United States to 'Divorce' Over Division

Ahead of his special, “Red State, Blue State,” set to premiere on Memorial Day, comedian Colin Quinn is proposing the United States breaks up.

CNN’s “New Day” aired a clip from Quinn’s special where he outlined that there are so many identities and societies that the country cannot be united anymore.

Friday, Quinn suggested the United States goes through a “divorce.”

“I think that sometimes you need a wake-up call and this country obviously — only the sickest people that love to fight are enjoying this country right now,” Quinn said on “New Day.” “Nobody can be – except if you like tension and fighting – that’s the only way you would enjoy living in this country.”

“It’s like a trial separation, like a divorce,” he explained. “You separate, break it up and see if we’re happier alone.”

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