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Breitbart News Hits 300 Million Pageviews, 45 Million Uniques Over Last 31 Days

Conservative media giant Breitbart News generated 300 million pageviews and 45 million unique visitors over the last 31 days.

“Breitbart News’ highly engaged community of readers seek first-in-class conservative news,” said Breitbart CEO and President Larry Solov. “And that’s exactly what we’ve given them.”

With plans for expansion to new international markets underway, Breitbart’s strength across social media continues to swell.

According to social media analytics leader NewsWhip, Breitbart maintains the number one political Twitter and Facebook pages in the world.

“Breitbart’s social media success has been a team effort driven by quality content and the smart use of data analytics,” said Breitbart Social Media Director Wynton Hall.

Hall is no stranger to crafting winning messages. The owner of Wynton Hall & Co, a celebrity ghostwriting and communications agency, Hall also serves as a GAI communication strategist where he provides insight into media framing and story placement.

“Whether it’s social media, investigative reporting, or books, effective communication begins with powerful messages that move hearts and minds,” says Hall.

Breitbart’s next moves include expansions into markets like France and Germany where readers are hungry for center-right, populist news—as well as coverage of topics that resonate with conservative readers.

“There’s going to be more hiring that goes on – I’m already picturing more tech reporting, more media reporting,” Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow told Reuters. “We do a ton of politics reporting now so I don’t know that we’ll need to do more but we certainly aren’t planning on scaling back with anything.”

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