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Baseball Players Refuse to Sit After National Anthem

A half a dozen or so football players refuse to stand for the national anthem. Two baseball players refuse to sit after it.

Milwaukee Brewers catcher Manny Pina and Cincinnati Reds Hernan Iribarren refused to vacate the grass-dirt borderline between the dugout and field after the national anthem Tuesday night. The players kept caps over hearts and stood at a modified position of attention for, according to game announcers, about 13 minutes. Teammates brought Pina sunflower seeds and a towel. When the home plate ump petitioned Pina to head back to the dugout, he complied. Iribarren emerged victorious in the competition before the competition.

Cue Tom Petty’s “I won’t back down.”

— Michael Clair (@michaelsclair) September 14, 2016

Baseball superstitions, rather than uber-patriotism, likely spurred the gamesmanship. Both players hail from Venezuela.

The adversaries enjoyed a long rest after the long stand. They rode the pine for the duration. The Reds won the game after winning the standoff.

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