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  • ***2016 LiveWire*** Trump: Immigration Enforcement Civil Rights Issue for Blacks, Hispanics

***2016 LiveWire*** Trump: Immigration Enforcement Civil Rights Issue for Blacks, Hispanics

Welcome to Breitbart News’s live updates of the 2016 election.

All times eastern.

4:42: Trump blasts the mainstream media for not highlighting his recent good poll numbers. Trump says he wants to empower the people and Clinton wants to scare people.

Case in point. Here’s The Hill‘s misleading headline about a Breitbart News/Gravis national poll that shows Clinton/Trump tied and trending up:

“Breitbart News poll shows Trump losing to Clinton”

4:39: Trump predicts we’ll have an “unprecedented crisis” with Clinton’s open-borders policies. He says a vote for Clinton is a vote to have “dangerous open borders where anyone can walk in and do whatever they want.”

4:37: Sarah Root’s (their daughter was murdered by an illegal immigrant who was driving drunk) family blasts the Obama administration for letting their family down. They vow to fight to ensure other families don’t experience their tragedy. Trump mentions that there is a reason his campaign has been endorsed by Border Patrol agents.

4:36: Interesting: Very few people in the mainstream press are highlighting Trump’s remarks about how enforcing the country’s immigration laws is a civil rights issue as well for American citizens–and legal residents–of all backgrounds. It’s because they know that message will resonate.

4:35: Trump says Clinton supports sanctuary cities, cannot even say “radical Islam,” and will usher in a constitutional crisis.

4:25: Trump says he is running to help people in Detroit and Baltimore and the inner cities and the outer cities. He says he will work with police and federal law enforcement to ensure safe communities. He will also promote more school choice as well to end the discrimination that traps parents and children in failing schools, he says. Trump says immigration enforcement “is another civil rights issue.”

“Every time an African-American citizen or a Hispanic citizen or any citizen loses their job to an illegal immigrant, the rights of that American citizen have been totally violated,” Trump says. “Equal protection under the law must include the consistent application of our immigration laws. These laws were passed to protect American citizens and lawful residents of our country.”

He also vows to deport criminal illegal immigrants on the first day of office and blasts Obama’s executive amnesty. He says he’ll combat international thugs and drug cartels even before the wall is built.

4:22: Trump mentions the shooting death of Dwyane Wade’s cousin and calls the number of shooting deaths in inner cities a “national tragedy.” He blasts failed Dem. policies in the inner cities and says “it can’t get any worse.” He says to those suffering, “vote for Donald Trump. I will fix it. It will get fixed.”

4:20: Trump says nothing would mean more to him than to make the GOP the home of African-Americans. Trump says so many African-Americans have been successful but we have to talk about the millions of African-Americans who are trapped in failing schools and poverty. “As a father, a builder, and an American, it offends my sense of right and wrong to see anyone living in such terrible conditions,” he says.

4:17: Trump says his economic agenda can be summed up in “three beautiful words… jobs, jobs, jobs.”

4:10: Trump vows to end the “EPA intrusion” into family farms. Trump says Obama lied about the renewable fuel standard and says Clinton will “sell you out” and “her donors will be the only ones who will be happy.” Trump says Obama made a lot of promises and said “bye bye to Iowa and a lot of places.” He says Clinton will raise taxes on family farms. He blasts Clinton’s “anti-energy” agenda and says she’ll also impose death taxes on family farms. Trump also talks about getting rid of the Johnson Amendment to reach out to Iowa’s strong Evangelical community. “We will let your pastors, your ministers, your rabbis, your priests….we will let them speak again without losing their tax deductibility,” he says, adding that it’s imperative for Evangelicals and all religious communities to get out and vote.

4:08: Trump says at the center of his “change agenda” is a plan to fix “our rigged economy.”

4:05: Trump says the Clinton scandals are dangerous and exhausting and it’s time to open up a “new beautiful chapter.” He says Clinton’s campaign is all about protecting the powerful and his campaign is about protecting those who have no power. He reminds Iowans that the Supreme Court is at stake in November. “We’re going to give working people a voice for the first time in many decades,” Trump says.

4:02: Trump asks, “how much more can voters take?” He says Clinton thinks she’s entitled to be president and above the law. He says Clinton’s criminal conduct at home and recklessness overseas make her “unfit” to become president.

3:58: Trump praises Iowa’s stellar GOP roster and thanks the bikers supporting him. Trump says he wants to express his gratitude to the country’s amazing veterans. “I will not let you down,” he says. “They’ve been letting you down for many years.” Trump says he’ll win Iowa and the White House in November. He says the White House will become “the people’s house” if he is elected. He says his campaign is about “big ideas” designed to help everyday people. Trump says his campaign is about people “who work hard but don’t have a voice.” He says it’s also a campaign to restore honesty and integrity to government. He says the “whole world has been shocked by the continuing revelations regarding Hillary Clinton and her pay-to-play State Department.” He says the Obama administration is trying to cover up Clinton’s corruption.

3:57: Trump now on stage speaking at the “Roast and Ride” event.

3:33: The delusional “Never Trump” folks and their allies in the consultant class just won’t let it go. They are reportedly “preparing to launch a broadcast TV ad in a handful of swing-state suburbs urging Donald Trump to quit the presidential race so the party can replace him with a more electable nominee.” Seriously.

3:30: Trump is virtually tied with Clinton in Iowa like he is in Nevada. And it looks like the state’s top Republicans are not going to try to sabotage his chances. Voters will remember and they will get blamed for electing Hillary Clinton if they try to pull shenanigans:

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