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***2016 LiveWire*** Trump: ‘Disgusting’ Hillary Using ‘Oldest Play in Dem. Playbook’ to Smear ‘Millions of Decent Americans as Racists’

Welcome to Breitbart News’s live updates of the 2016 election.

On the day that Donald Trump met with minority Republicans, Hillary Clinton will try to paint Trump and his supporters as intolerant racists.

Earlier in New Hampshire, Trump called Clinton’s planned speech in Nevada one of the “most brazen attempts at distraction in the history of politics.” He asked where Clinton has been hiding and pointed out that she will not be taking responsibility for her criminal actions today and instead try to smear millions of decent Americans as racists. Trump said he did not want to dignify Clinton’s speech by dwelling on it but added that “a response is required for the sake of all decent voters that she is trying to smear.”

Trump said Clinton will “accuse this campaign and all of you… and the millions of decent people… of being racists, which we’re not.”

“It’s the oldest play in the Democratic playbook. When Democratic policies fail, they are left with only this one tired argument…You’re racist. You’re racist. You’re racist,” he said. “It’s a tired, disgusting argument. And it’s so predictable.”

Trump added that Clinton’s argument is the “the last refuge of the discredited Democratic politician. They keep going back to the same well.” He said the American voter is smart and will say “enough.”

“The well is dry,” Trump said, appealing to minority communities that have been betrayed by Hillary Clinton and Democratic policies.

8:00: Speaking to Anderson Cooper, Donald Trump says “we’re going to build a great wall” that is going to be paid for by Mexico. He says drugs will stop flowing into our nation and poisoning our youth. “People will not come into our country illegally,” he tells Cooper, citing his endorsement from the Border Patrol Agents. He says no sanctuary cities. He says all the “bad dudes” will get out. Trump (and this is why he should not be doing mainstream media interviews if unprepared) says his position wasn’t a “softening” (even though that was his word) and says it may be a “hardening.” Trump says his policy differentiates from Jeb Bush’s policies because Jeb didn’t want a wall. Trump says “we’re going to deport many people” and there will not be a path to legalization unless they leave the country and come back.

6:00: GOP sellout and mainstream media useful idiot Ana Navarro continues to call Trump a “damn racist.”

5:47: Trump in CNN interview:

5:46: What an idiot (he also mocked the defenseless woman who was attacked by an anti-Trump mob). “Clinton Cash” revelations do not threaten Clinton?

5:45: Says it all about this election:

5:25: Wise words from Coulter:


5:08: On MSNBC, Benjy Sarlin says that Breitbart’s influence is not going away after the election.

5:07: Trump campaign points out that Trump is the one who is actually talking about issues to make the lives of Americans of all backgrounds better:

5:00: Trump: Hillary race-baiting:

4:58: Still avoiding the press:

4:20: Trump: Clinton should be ashamed of herself:

3:51: Last night on MSNBC’s “All In with Chris Hayes” of all places, journalist Alexander Zaitchik, who has spent months just spending time and interviewing “hard-core” Trump’s supporters, said that Trump’s supporters aren’t necessarily consumed with race as the media want to portray. Zaitchik said if he had to come down on one side or the other on whether race or economic issues were driving the Trump voter, “I would have to come down on the economic side.”

3:42: Clinton says in some parts of the country where she grew up (doesn’t mention the whites-only country club where her husband used to play golf) , Simone Manuel and Katie Ledecky would not have been allowed to swim in the same pool together.

3:38: Clinton says Trump’s main message seems to be “Make America Hate Again.” She says Trump is giving a megaphone to the “paranoid fringe” and there has never been a “nominee of a major party stoking it, encouraging it, and giving it a national megaphone.” Clinton claims that bullying is on the rise because of Trump. She calls it the “Trump effect.”

3:32: Clinton accuses Breitbart of embracing “ideas on the extremist fringe of the conservative right.” She says these are “racist, race-baiting ideas… anti-Muslim and anti-women.” She says the de facto merger between Breitbart/Trump represents a landmark achievement of the “alt-right.” She says this represents the rising tide of hard-right nationalism around the world and slams Trump’s appearance with Nigel Farage. Clinton claims that the grand Godfather of this movement is Putin.

3:31: Clinton points out that Trump has hired Steve Bannon, from the “right-wing” Breitbart.com. She is now reading and mischaracterizing some of Breitbart’s headlines. She accuses Breitbart and Bannon of trying in “inflame” racial divides. Clinton, without mentioning that Bannon is a Catholic, slams him for saying that Paul Ryan was rubbing his social-justice Catholicism in his nose.

3:27: Clinton says the last thing we need in the Situation Room is someone who can’t tell the difference between fact and fiction and buys into racially-tinged rumors. Clinton says Trump is “temperamentally unfit” to be president of the United States. Clinton says Trump’s policies will put “prejudice into practice.” Clinton, after coughing again, says Trump has fired so many people that it looks like an “episode from the Apprentice.”

3:25: Clinton, in her hoarse voice, says Trump’s “latest paranoid fever dream is about my health. All I can say is, ‘Donald, dream on.'”

3:21: Clinton says there has been a “steady stream of bigotry” coming from Trump. She is attacking him on his comments about Judge Curiel. Clinton gladly cites Paul Ryan’s comments re: “the textbook definition of racism.” Clinton says Trump re-Tweets white supremacists online

3:18: Clinton, knowing that minorities who may not be enthusiastic about her candidacy, is trying to get them to turn out against Trump. She says Trump is dog-whistling to hate groups. And someone who traffics in conspiracy theories and doesn’t respect all Americans should not be running our military. She says some people want to give Trump the benefit of the doubt but “there is no other Donald Trump. This is it.” She quotes Maya Angelou (which can apply to her)–“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” Clinton mentions that Trump first gained political prominence by promoting the “racist lie” that President Barack Obama is not an American citizen. Clinton, mischaracterizing Trump’s remarks about ILLEGAL immigrants, says Trump accused Mexican immigrants of being rapists and criminals. She says, “by the way, Mexico is not paying for the wall, either.” Clinton says the American taxpayer will pay for the wall if he tries to build it.

3:15: Clinton says Trump has built his campaign on “prejudice and paranoia” and “taking hate groups mainstream.” She says Trump, “under the guise of outreach to African-Americans,” has stood before white communities and described black communities in insulting terms. Clinton says it takes “a lot of nerve” to ask people he has mistreated for decades “what do you have to lose?” Clinton says the answer is “everything.”

[Clinton trying to sound “empathetic” but is sounding phony as always.]

3:12: Clinton, now in robot mode, says her original plan for the visit was to focus on her agenda for small businesses. But she says she wants to address something she is hearing about from Americans everywhere she goes. She says people are concerned about Trump’s “divisive rhetoric.”

3:11: Clinton takes the stage in Reno, Nevada.

2:53: Trump said it’s easy to ignore the devastation caused by open borders and radical Islam when someone like Hillary Clinton spends her time insulated among wealthy donors and Hollywood celebrities. He added that it’s easy to ignore the increase in crime across America when she has her private security forces protecting–and insulating–her. Trump says Clinton should request that the Secret Service agents “drop all weapons… let them walk around with no weapons… and let’s see how she feels about that when she wants to take away your guns.”

2:52: In New Hampshire, Trump said Clinton favors a government that is “of, by and for” the powerful and urged voters to go to the polls to prevent the Oval Office from being sold to the highest bidder. Trump also said Americans of all backgrounds who want a secure border are not racists and vowed to never apologize to make it a priority to protect American citizens above every other single consideration. He also spoke about how Democrats have failed minority communities and spoke about how bad trade deals that have shut down factories at home have negatively impacted and devastated minority communities as well.

2:50: Why is Clinton giving this speech in Nevada? Perhaps because, despite the conventional wisdom being spewed by some pundits that Nevada should be a shoo-in for her, Trump has been resilient in the state despite his severe lack of organization. According to CNN:

Trump’s resilience in Nevada is surprising considering Clinton’s many advantages here: her access to the strong organizational muscle of labor, a growing Latino population that has chafed at Trump’s tone on immigration, and Obama’s successes, which laid the groundwork for her run.

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