The Dramatic MSM Ukraine War Narrative Shift & What It Means

When Zelensky not infrequently complains that his forces don't have "enough" ammo and weapons, despite the billions worth of Western arms already sunk into the conflict, the assumption is simply that quantities are not coming at a fast enough rate or in adequate amounts. But recent weeks and reports from the battlefield have confirmed there's likely a bigger, more significant factor at play: Russian strikes are wiping out Western military equipment at a much higher pace than anticipated. It's the truth that few mainstream pundits want to admit. After all, they don't want to express agreement with... Putin!

Russian media is reporting new estimates on Tuesday, citing the head of the Donetsk region to say Ukrainian forces have lost about 30% of their foreign-supplied weaponry and equipment on the front lines. Western headlines, previously full of optimistic pro-Kiev euphoria on repeat, appear increasingly (and reluctantly) in agreement with Russian state media headlines, ironically enough, painting a grim and desperate picture in assessing the current state of Ukrainian forces and front lines, and thus what's also in essence NATO's war effort.

the dramatic msm ukraine war narrative shift what it means
Image source: Los Angeles Times

Authored by Tyler Durden via ZeroHedge July 25th 2023