25 Year Old BofA Analyst Dies Suddenly Of Cardiac Arrest While Playing Soccer At Industry Event

A credit trader from Bank of America who was just 25 years old died suddenly on Thursday night while playing soccer at an industry event, a report by Yahoo/Bloomberg on Friday confirmed. 

The credit portfolio and algorithmic trader, Adnan Deumic, reportedly "collapsed of a suspected cardiac arrest" and did not respond to medical treatment, including CPR, the writeup says. 

The bank commented: “The death of our teammate is a tragedy, and we are shocked by the sudden loss of a popular, young colleague. We are committed to providing our full support to Adnan’s family, his friends and to our many employees grieving his loss.”

Working out of Bank of America’s London office, the trader was "active in sports", the report says, noting that he was a native of Sweden and also played ice hockey. 

25 year old bofa analyst dies suddenly of cardiac arrest while playing soccer at industry event

The recent death marks the second loss of a young employee in the firm’s Wall Street divisions. Leo Lukenas, an investment banking associate in New York, passed away earlier this month.

It is unclear if work contributed to Lukenas' death, and Bank of America is not formally investigating it, Bloomberg reported. The bank stated it is focused on supporting the family and the team, who are devastated.

As the article notes, this incident has sparked discussions within the industry about the demanding, long hours in investment banking. We're sure there one other topic that it isn't sparking discussions about...

As has been reported, it is still uncertain what contributed to Lukenas' death, and Bank of America is not formally investigating it.

The company’s said its focus "doing whatever we can to help and support the family and our team who are devastated," it commented.

Authored by Tyler Durden via ZeroHedge May 17th 2024