How To Address America's Surge in Violent Crime

Crime remains a huge concern for Americans, as violent crime rose in 2020 and national police data shows this trend continued in 2021. On Friday, January 21st U-S Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the federal government plans to create a comprehensive strategy to help cities and towns fight against rising violent crime. Former federal prosecutor, Jim Trusty, joins to break down Americans’ growing frustration over rising crime, how shifting politics on law enforcement and criminal punishments are contributing to the trends the U.S. is seeing, and what can be done from a federal level to help communities across the nation combat crime. Amid rising international tensions, North Korea fired two test missiles into the sea on Tuesday, marking what has now been five rounds of tests this January.  Earlier this month, the US imposed new sanctions on North Korea, however, the country responded with more tests and a warning of even more to come.  Bruce Klingner, a former CIA Deputy Division Chief for Korea and a Senior Fellow for Northeast Asia at the Heritage Foundation, joins the Fox News Rundown to discuss what to make of the nuclear missile tests and warnings, compare how the Biden and Trump administrations handled relations with North Korea and predict what we can expect through the rest of the year.  Plus, commentary by Guy Benson, host of the Guy Benson Show. #FoxNews #FoxNewsRundown

Authored by FoxNews via FoxNews January 27th 2022