Study Reveals U.S. Cities Most at Risk of Losing Jobs to AI

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A new study has identified the cities across the U.S. that are most and least at risk of losing jobs to artificial intelligence. According to the report, residents of Providence, Rhode Island, and Hartford, Connecticut are most at risk of being replaced in the workforce by AI.

The Daily Mail reports that a recent study published by Casinos.US analyzed data on job availability, economic diversity, and growth in the 50 most populated cities to determine which are most susceptible to AI taking over jobs. The study found that major tech hub cities like Austin, Raleigh, San Jose, and San Francisco have the most job security when it comes to AI, while old industrial cities relying heavily on manufacturing like Providence, RI are most at risk.

The report explained why the tech hubs seem relatively safe from AI replacement, writing: “This could very well be because AI-related jobs are going to be the new norm in a relatively short time, but it could also be because technology is likely going to be the industry that sees the largest boom because of automation.”

The report noted that tech-focused cities will likely see AI-related roles become the norm, creating more tech jobs to offset any losses. Meanwhile, industrial cities with a narrow focus like Providence, where only one in five jobs are AI-proof, are prime targets for replacement by intelligent machines. Providence topped the list of worst cities, with limited job openings across few industries, followed by other manufacturing-focused cities like Hartford, CT and New Orleans, LA.

According to the report, the 10 cities most likely to be hit hardest by AI include:

  1. Providence
  2. Hartford
  3. Richmond
  4. Tucson
  5. Memphis
  6. Milwaukee
  7. McAllen
  8. Virginia Beach
  9. New Orleans
  10. Louisville

According to the report, “If you’re concerned about maintaining a career in the face of the AI takeover, consider moving to a city where job diversification and economic growth mean humans will still be relevant in a few years.” The top-ranked city, Phoenix, AZ, has a wide range of careers with low AI risk, like firefighters and surgeons, nearly 100,000 current openings, and strong 2022 economic growth of 1.2 percent.

The findings reflect data showing AI job postings up 17 percent in two years, while 4,000+ jobs were lost to AI in May 2022 alone. Careers with high AI risk include budget analysts and web developers, while barbers and firefighters have the least risk. The report forecasts that jobs utilizing AI like machine learning engineers will see rising demand. With AI spreading across industries, professionals in at-risk cities may need to relocate or retrain to avoid redundancy.

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Authored by Lucas Nolan via Breitbart February 8th 2024