Mark Zuckerberg’s Instagram Warns Against Tagging Tucker Carlson in ‘Happy Birthday’ Post

Tucker Carlson speaks at the Turning Point Action conference on July 15, 2023 in West Palm
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Mark Zuckerberg’s Instagram warned against tagging former Fox News primetime host Tucker Carlson in a “happy birthday” post on Thursday, saying the popular journalist has been known to violate “Community Guidelines.”

A simple post wishing Tucker Carlson a “happy birthday” on Thursday was met with a warning from Instagram, making social media users think twice about tagging the former Fox News host in a Story.

“Happy birthday, @tuckercarlson!” read a draft in an Instagram Story, which was met with a warning from Instagram.

Instagram warning against Tucker Carlson

Instagram warning against Tucker Carlson (Instagram/Screenshot)

“This account has repeatedly posted false information that was reviewed by independent fact checkers or went against our Community Guidelines. Do you want to mention this account?” the warning from Instagram read, before giving users the option to either “cancel” or “mention anyway.”

Carlson, one of the most prominent journalists in the United States who now runs his own network, the Tucker Carlson Network, celebrated his 55th birthday on Thursday.

Zuckerberg Meta Selfie

Mark Zuckerberg Meta Selfie (Facebook)

Instagram did not immediately respond to Breitbart News’ request for clarification on why this warning was sent to social media users.

Earlier this year, Carlson landed an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, in which he repeatedly pressured Putin to free jailed Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich.

“I want to ask you directly — if, as a sign of your decency, you would be willing to release [Gershkovich] to us and we’ll bring him back to the United States,” Carlson asked, to which Putin replied, “We have done so many gestures of good will, out of decency, that I think we have run out of them.”

The Russian president added that he can see Gershkovich returning to the United States someday — if Moscow and Washington broker an agreement.

Carlson pushed back on Putin, arguing that the imprisoned Wall Street Journal reporter “is obviously not a spy” adding, “It’s not fair to ask for somebody else in exchange” for Gershkovich.

Last month, Carlson said he will call for “extremism” from American parents in defense of their children from leftist Democrat ideologues.

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Authored by Alana Mastrangelo via Breitbart May 18th 2024