How to help prevent your car from getting stolen

Here’s how to throw a wrench into a thief’s mission to steal your car

Who’s accountable for car thefts: criminals or carmakers? Americans are split.

Motor vehicle thefts in Chicago and Washington, D.C., are up 100% this year, compared to last. Americans say criminals need to be held responsible for their actions.

Are you worried about your car being stolen by thieves? You have good reason to be concerned. Nearly two vehicles are stolen every minute in the U.S., based on the data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). This means there are about 2,736 car thefts per day or a whopping 82,080 vehicles ripped off per month. 

This topic is particularly troubling to Perry from Germantown, Tennessee. He’s emailing about this anti-theft question, 

"We just had an employee’s new Ford F150 truck stolen. How do we avoid this from happening? I hear the crooks have all kinds of tech to break in. Is "The Club" for the steering wheel still a good device? Thanks for your help with this!"  

-  Perry, Germantown, TN 

I’m very sorry to learn that your employee’s truck was stolen. That’s a terrible thing to happen, and I hope that the police can recover the truck and catch the crook soon. 


Car theft is a serious problem that affects many people every year. Thieves can use various methods and technologies to break into and steal cars, whether your vehicle is older and lacks modern security features or is new and has all the bells and whistles. 

how to help prevent your car from getting stolen

There are about 2,736 car thefts per day or a whopping 82,080 vehicles ripped off per month. (

High-tech ways thieves are stealing cars 

There are many ways that thieves have found to use and get around the latest technology to steal cars. 


Key cloning 

Thieves use a device that scans and copies the code from the key fob when it is in close proximity, such as at a gas station or parking lot, and then use the cloned key to unlock and start the car. 

Signal blocking 

Crooks can use a device that jams the signal from the key fob when the driver tries to lock the car, leaving the car unlocked and vulnerable to theft. 

Battery Sleuth 

This is where thieves use a device that monitors voltage fluctuations in the car’s electrical system and sends a voltage fingerprint that enables the vehicle to start, bypassing the key fob or other authentication methods. 

Relay theft 

This is a device used by criminals that captures and amplifies the signal from the key fob inside someone's house and relays it to another device near their car, tricking the car into thinking the key is present. 

Headlight hacking 

Thieves may also use a device disguised as a Bluetooth speaker to wire into the car’s electronic communication network near the headlight connector and impersonate the key fob, unlocking the doors and starting the engine. 


How to prevent someone from stealing your car 

If you want to make it harder for thieves to steal your car, you should consider using some of these methods that can deter or prevent them from doing so. 

Use strong passwords to protect against hackers 

If you have a keyless car, you need to be extra careful. Car burglars are very clever and they will try to get into your vehicle by using your online accounts and apps that are connected to your car. To stop them from doing that, you should always use a strong password for all your apps and accounts and consider using a password manager to generate and store complex passwords. Never share your passwords with anyone.  

Use a blocking pouch  

If you have a car with a keyless entry system, you might want to get yourself a blocking pouch, also known as a Faraday Bag. The pouch protects your key fob from being hacked or cloned by thieves.  

It does this by blocking all signals from your key fob, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and RFID. Check my top blocking pouch recommendation by clicking here. 

Get a remote car starter 


For those with older vehicles that don't have a remote car starter already, you may want to consider getting one for your vehicle. A remote car starter allows you to start your engine from a distance. However, it does not let you drive the car without the key. This is a safety feature that prevents unauthorized use of your vehicle. 

A car starter is a great device to have when the weather is extreme, as it allows you to adjust the temperature of your car before you get inside. 

If you don't have a remote car starter and just leave your keys in the ignition with the car running, you're making it pretty easy for a thief to get in your car and drive off. 


how to help prevent your car from getting stolen

Using strong passwords, a blocking pouch or a remote car starter or installing a kill switch are some ways to prevent your car from being stolen. (

Have a smart car alarm 

A smart car alarm will not only trigger an enormously loud alarm when someone tries to break in, but it will also send an alert to your smartphone in case you aren't within earshot to hear the alarm go off. This will enable you to alert the authorities and, hopefully, scare the thief off.  

Install a kill switch 

You can also install a kill switch into the ignition, fuel line or battery to prevent the car from starting. As long as you remember to activate it every time you get out of your car, thieves will have a hard time getting it to start, because they'd have to find the kill switch and shut it off first. 

Use AirTags to track your vehicle 

By keeping AirTags in your vehicle, you'll be able to track where it is at all times. It would be best for you to have at least two in your car at all times, and you should keep them in a hidden space so that a thief wouldn't easily see them and try to dispose of them. 

And if you want to put AirTags inside a company vehicle, you may want to disclose to the employee that you’re doing this, so they won't feel that their privacy is being violated. 

For more about the AirTag and my picks for best Bluetooth trackers, click here

how to help prevent your car from getting stolen

If you keep an Apple AirTag in your vehicle, you will be able to track its location. (Apple)

Use The Club for the steering wheel 

how to help prevent your car from getting stolen

The club is a universal lock that can fit on most steering wheels and makes it difficult to steer. (The Club)

The Club is still a good device to use, as it can be an effective, highly visible anti-theft deterrent that might discourage thieves from taking your car. It's a universal lock that can fit on most steering wheels and makes it difficult to steer the vehicle, forcing car thieves to move on. 

The company claims that the product resists sawing, prying, hammering and freon attacks. However, it isn’t foolproof, as some thieves may be able to cut through it or bypass it. Therefore, you shouldn’t rely on it alone. I recommend using it in combination with other security measures, as I mentioned above. 

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Etch your VIN onto your windows 

Etching your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) into your car windows can deter some potential thieves from stealing your car, because a car with a visible VIN is easier for law enforcement to track down. 

It's also risky to try to sell car parts with a VIN attached to them, and although it might not stop every car thief, it will certainly stop many.  

Keep your doors and windows locked 

This is the most basic security measure when it comes to keeping your car safe. Make sure your doors are locked and that your windows are closed whenever you're not in your car. You should also always remember to take your keys with you when leaving your car unattended.  

Park your car in well-lit and busy areas 

Thieves are more likely to target cars that are parked in dark and isolated areas, where they can commit their crimes without being seen or interrupted. If possible, park your car near a security camera, a streetlight, a busy entrance or even better, a locked garage. 

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Never leave valuables in plain sight 

Even if your car is locked, thieves may be tempted to break your windows if they see something valuable inside, such as a laptop, a phone, a wallet or a bag. Either take your valuables with you or hide them in the glove compartment or the trunk or under the seat. 


Kurt's key takeaways 

Car theft is a serious threat that can cause you unneeded financial and emotional stress. By following my tips, you can make your car more secure and less likely to be stolen. 

Remember to always lock your doors and windows, consider a remote car starter, have a smart alarm or a kill switch, use a blocking pouch, park in well-lit and busy areas and never leave valuables in plain sight. By doing these things, you can help protect your vehicle from thieves. 

What other security measures would you like to see car companies take to protect your vehicle from thieves? Let us know by writing us at 

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