Early Tesla Cybertruck Buyers Report Rusty EVs After Rain Exposure

Elon Musk examines cracked Cybertruck windows
Ringo H.W. Chiu/AP

Some early Tesla Cybertruck owners are finding rust spots developing on the body of their new electric pickup trucks after getting caught in the rain.

Business Insider reports that within days of receiving their new Cybertrucks, some owners have noticed rust spots forming on the stainless steel body panels of the much-hyped electric pickup. Posts on online Tesla forums describe finding the rust marks after washing the Cybertruck exterior, despite Tesla CEO Elon Musk previously boasting the exterior is “literally bulletproof” due to its ultrahard stainless steel construction.

According to forum member Raxar, their Cybertruck began developing noticeable rust spots just two days after exposure to rain. They claim to have been warned by Tesla staff during pickup that rain could cause rust spots that would need buffing out. Another owner, Vertigo3pc, brought their Cybertruck to a service center after finding similar corrosion following Los Angeles rain. They say staff acknowledged the issue and can repair the damage. Both owners posted photos online showing speckled orange rust marks across the cybertruck body panels.

Stainless steel is prone to rusting in certain conditions, especially with water exposure over time. According to apparent Cybertruck owner’s manual pages posted online, the exterior lacks a protective clear coat finish which can help prevent corrosion. The manual warns owners to promptly remove substances like rain, grease and bird droppings to avoid exterior damage.

LEGO cybertruck

LEGO cybertruck (LEGO/Twitter)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has previously suggested an optional tungsten carbide coating could be offered to provide extra scratch and corrosion resistance. But the company has not confirmed if or when this might be available. For now, new Cybertruck owners may need to be diligent about cleaning and drying their vehicles after wet weather to inhibit rusting.

The minor cosmetic issue highlights one possible drawback of the Cybertruck’s unpainted stainless steel body compared to traditional automotive steel or aluminum, but it remains to be seen if the rust concern is widespread among new owners. Tesla has not yet responded to media requests for comment on the reported rust problems as the initial Cybertrucks just begin reaching customer hands.

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Authored by Lucas Nolan via Breitbart February 16th 2024