Thursday, April 18, 2019

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Facebook now used for Dark Web activity

Over two billion people use Facebook to buy and sell goods, chat with each other, and post vacation pictures. Now, according to a new report by Talos Intelligence, it’s also become part of the Dark Web, a place to sell credit card information, illegal contraband, and much more.

Marine Corps fires weapons at its new amphibious combat vehicle

The Marine Corps’ ongoing offensive and defensive live-fire exercises with its emerging Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV) are intended to refine the new vehicle’s weapons systems and survivability - while aligning the modern vehicle with the service’s evolving amphibious warfare strategy.

Updated 4.7-inch iPhone 8 launching in 2020, report says

We've probably reached peak iPhone, but Apple is desperate to keep its smartphones selling, so it looks as though we're going to get a new budget offering next year in the form of a revised iPhone 8 .

5th Avenue Apple store is crawling with bed bugs

The famed Apple store on 5th Avenue isn’t just crawling with thousands of tourists– it’s also been crawling with bed bugs for nearly a month, The Post has learned.

New next-gen Army 50mm cannon destroys targets in live-fire demo

As a small ball of fire shot out of the end of a new 50mm cannon, a cloud of smoke filled the air and, in what seemed like less than one second, an explosion of smoke and fire destroyed a mock enemy target from hundreds of yards away -- on the other side of an Arizona desert valley.

Google’s Wing kicks off first drone delivery service in Australia

The air delivery developer Wing, a subsidiary of Google’s parent company Alphabet, began flying fresh food, coffee, over the counter medications and other products to select customers as part of its first commercial drone delivery service launched in Australia’s capital this week.

Amazon Go stores to accept cash, report says

Amazon's Go Stores are cashierless, but that looks likely to change in the near future according to Steve Kessel, Amazon's senior vice president of physical stores.

What happened when I fired my first 'sniper shot'

My shoulder was pressed firmly against the end or “stock” of the rifle, my index finger extended horizontally just above the trigger as I lay flat on the ground and tried to align my right eye directly through the targeting sight -- all as I for the very first time, tried to fire a US military M107A1 sniper rifle at a small target roughly 200 yards away.

Facebook bends to EU pressure on 'misleading' fine print

Facebook Inc. has bowed to demands from European Union regulators to change what the bloc had called misleading terms of service, the latest example ofefforts by governments globally to exercise more control over tech firms.

Air Force F-16 gets F-35 sensors, weapons and radar

The Air Force is giving its 1970s-era F-16 fighter F-35 technology as part of a massive fleet-wide overhaul intended to improve targeting, attack precision and computer systems -- and extend the fighter’s combat life all the way into the 2040s.

Amazon Alexa adds detailed news reading option

If you like to catch up on the news each day in a little more depth, but without having to turn on the TV, Amazon has a solution for you using its smart speakers.

C-130 gets new 'electronic propeller controls' to fly into 2030s

The Air Force plans to fly its war-tested 1950s-era C-130 aircraft well into the 2030s and beyond through a sweeping, multi-pronged technical overhaul, designed to enable the propeller-flown aircraft to perform its high-risk troop transport and combat support missions for decades to come.

Facebook, Google in crosshairs of new UK policy to control tech giants

The U.K. government plans to create a regulatory body to force the removal of harmful content from the internet, one of the most far-reaching legislative proposals from a host of countries trying to put a tighter leash on global technology companies.

Vaccine wars: Social media battle outbreak of bogus claims

Like health officials facing outbreaks of disease, internet companies are trying to contain vaccine-related misinformation they have long helped spread. So far, their efforts at quarantine are falling short.

Americans hate social media but can't give it up, WSJ/NBC News poll finds

Americans have a paradoxical attachment to the social-media platforms that have transformed communication, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds, saying they regard services such asFacebookto be divisive and a threat to privacy but continue to use them daily.

Bad breakup or divorce? Make these 4 tech changes now

Facts are facts: nearly half of American marriages end in divorce. Many married couples end up separated. In the past, the end of a relationship meant dividing up physical objects, like furniture and photo albums.

Fake iPhone scam costs Apple $895G

It seems Apple has been scammed by a couple of students, but it doesn't look likely to end well for them.

Apple HomePod now costs $299

If you're in the market for a new smart speaker, then Apple just made the HomePod a little more enticing by dropping the official price down to $299.

Zuckerberg 'confident' Facebook won't screw up another election

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg proclaimed in a TV interview Thursday that he’s “confident” the social media giant has done enough since 2016 to protect next year’s presidential elections from misinformation campaigns.

Air Force cloud migration fights AI-enabled cyberattacks

The Air Force is refining new cloud-oriented cybersecurity technologies to safeguard vulnerable data networks and strengthen defenses against a new generation of sophisticated AI-enabled cyberattacks.

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