Tuesday, June 2, 2020

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Facebook employees to stage virtual walkout over handling of Trump posts

FacebookInc. employees staged a virtual walkout Monday and some publicly denounced CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to leave up a post from President Trump about the recent social unrest, comments they said violated the company’s rules about inciting violence.

New F-22 weapons now 'operational' and ready for war

Newly-integrated U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptor weapons are now operational, bringing expanded air-to-air and air-to-ground attack technology to the stealth fighter following the production of a multi-year software upgrade program intended to prepare the jet for a major great-power war.

5 ways to block or hide your number when making calls

Before the onslaught of the pandemic, you probably didn’t use your smartphone to make phone calls very much. Now carriers are reporting surges in calls as we seek more personal connections while following social distancing guidelines.

Navy builds 10 new heavily armed frigate warships

The Navy’s vision and mission scope for its emerging new combat-capable frigate includes the ability to destroy swarming small boat attacks, operate undersea and aerial drones, support carrier strike groups, conduct disaggregated operations, attack enemies with an over-the-horizon missile and engage in advanced surface and anti-submarine warfare.

Army builds new 18.6-mile-range tank-killing weapon

The U.S. Army and Raytheon are working on a newly configured tank-killing “Shaped Charge” 155m precision-guided artillery round as part of a large-scale strategic attempt to outrange enemies and destroy approaching enemy armored columns at safer standoff ranges.

Twitter fact-checks China official after confronted over Trump double-standard

Confronted with an apparent double standard in its lack of fact-check warnings on tweets by a Chinese government spokesman versus the hardline it took with President Trump this week, Twitter on Wednesday added notations to the postings, which falsely accused the US government of causing the coronavirus pandemic.

Why does Zoom exhaust you? Science has an answer

“Zoom fatigue” is way more than a byproduct of too many meetings -- Social scientists say it’s the result of the sudden mass adoption of technology that’s disrupting the normal, instinctual and finely-tuned way of communicating that developed to help humans survive.

Your phone in a COVID-19 world; 10 DIY steps to take now

Lockdowns are loosening, people are returning to public life and back to work. We all know the importance of washing our hands, but tech can help. Tap or click here for the best smart door locks to help prevent spreading germs.

Army scientists develop new 'materials' for hypersonic weapons attack

They can take out targets faster than enemies can respond by destroying a wide range of air, sea, land and space targets. Traveling at five-times the speed of sound, they are nearly impossible to defend against and place fighter jets, ships, ground vehicles, satellites and ground assets at tremendous risk of nearly instant destruction -- they are hypersonic weapons.

Army researchers may have discovered new coronavirus-killing antibodies

The Army Research Laboratory is vigorously pursuing technical innovations aimed at “discovering” and engineering new antibodies able to attach to and destroy coronavirus, thereby helping those severely impacted with an infection, service scientists told Warrior.

Elon Musk stirs the pot with cryptic 'red pill' tweet

TechbillionaireElon Musk, who has emerged as a champion of defying stay-at-home orders intended to stop the coronavirus from spreading, stirred the pot with a cryptic tweet Sunday.

Coronavirus crisis: Online church services attacked by hackers using child pornography

On Sunday, April 26th Pastor Kris Cervantes of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Waco, Texas was part-way through her Zoom Church service when the unthinkable happened. The screen featuring the main speaker was suddenly overtaken with a GIF of child pornography, an act that has been dubbed “zoombombing.

The Army hopes to kill enemy drones with AI

The Army and Raytheon are now accelerating development and deployment of an upgraded counter-drone weapons system designed specifically to address close-in small drone threats, in part by leveraging emerging applications of AI.

Sick of being tracked? Use these Google alternatives

Think for a minute about what Google doesn’t know about you. Its search engine dominates the competition and it runs apps and services that know what you’re watching, where you’re going and what you’re interested in online.

10 incredibly useful tech tips you’ll use over and over

Everybody loves a cool trick. No matter how well we know an app or program, there’s almost always some shortcut we never learned. The same goes for hardware: We may use gadgets every day without knowing their helpful quirks.

New Army artillery changes course to hit targets under bridges

Enemies of the U.S. Army are now deliberately hiding targets behind mountain ridges, under bridges, in rocky crevices and other locations intended to elude state-of-the art GPS-guided artillery round attacks -- complicating U.S.

More future Navy SEALs resume war preparations following COVID-19 pause

Future Navy SEALs will conduct combat scenarios six-feet apart, emulate high-risk combat scenarios, study in smaller classrooms and be directed by megaphones at farther distances, because more candidates for the special operations unit are again competing, training and preparing for war following temporary delays caused by COVID 19.

Amazon worker dies from COVID-19

Amid the intense scrutiny on the company over working conditions at its fulfillment centers, an Amazon employee has died from COVID-19, Fox News has confirmed.

Zoom steps up efforts to deter 'Zoombombing' amid security issues

In the weeks since governments across the country have forced businesses, churches, schools and hoards of other industries to transition to telecommuting, reports of hackers interrupting video conferences hosted by Zoom as it has become the default platform for millions to connect.

Apple's virtual WWDC to start June 22

Pushed to having a virtual conference in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Apple announced its Worldwide Developers Conference will start on June 22.

11 best Zoom tricks you’ll wish you knew sooner

Zoom has become the reigning champion of quarantine communication. Maybe not for long as mighty Facebook is a worthy contender with its new platform. Tap or click here to get a sneak peek at Facebook’s upcoming video conferencing tool.

10 COVID-19 scams spreading right now that people are falling for

The numbers are staggering. The Federal Trade Commission says coronavirus-related scams have cost Americans $13.4 million so far this year. Google blocks more than 100 million phishing emails every day as criminals try to steal money and personal information.

Remote meetings don't feel the same. Here's why

As countless people worldwide have taken to Zoom, FaceTime and Google Hangouts for work meetings and even family catch-ups, they've noticed that it doesn't feel quite the same as speaking in person.