Friday, December 13, 2019

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10 top gadgets of 2019

As 2019 is winding down and we enter the holiday season, it’s time to look back at the best devices -- the ones that stood out in a crowded field.

Navy prepares its new Ford-class carriers for F-35C stealth attack

The Navy is preparing its first two new Ford-class aircraft carriers to launch air attacks with the first-of-its-kind carrier-launched F-35C stealth fighter, a move expected to further transform maritime air attack and bring new mission options to commanders.

Humans can 'self-generate' their own misinformation, study shows

Although social media giants like Facebook and Twitter have taken heat for spreading misinformation, it turns out that we -- all of us -- may be our own worst enemies in the battle against the scourge of fake news.

Navy Block V submarine deal brings new attack ops and strategies

Bringing massive amounts of firepower closer to enemy targets, conducting clandestine “intel” missions in high threat waters and launching undersea attack and surveillance drones are all anticipated missions for the Navy’s emerging Block V Virginia-class attack submarines.

RoboKiller: As robocalls grow, the consumer bites back

The scariest thing about October 2019 had nothing to do with witches, goblins, or ghouls.Some 5.5. billion robocalls were placed to Americans in October, a 12 percent spike from September, according to datacompiled by anti-spamappRoboKiller.

4 ways to get cash back on Amazon

For many of us, “holiday shopping” has become “searching Amazon.” Wish lists and automated suggestions make gift-giving a carefree experience. You can conceivably find presents for all your loved ones without stepping outside.

F-22 armed with more precision attack technology

The Air Force and Lockheed Martin are now arming the F-22 stealth fighter with more long-range precision attack technology, a wider targeting envelope or “field of regard” and new networking technology enabling improved, real-time “collaborative targeting” between aircraft.

How to spot a hidden webcam

During the holidays, many of us start racking up frequent flyer miles. We’re visiting family and friends, and often booking a low-cost room in an Airbnb. While the joy of opening gifts around the holidays and sharing a meal is hard to beat, finding a hidden webcam is sure to sour the mood.

How new Army-developed AI technology can save infantry in a firefight

Envision a scenario wherein dismounted infantry soldiers are taking heavy enemy fire while clearing buildings amid intense urban combat -- when an overhead drone detects small groups of enemy fighters hidden nearby, between walls, preparing to ambush.

7 Windows 10 fixes you’ll wish you knew sooner

Nearly a billion computers around the world run Windows 10. Critics have praised it. Some users love it while others hate it. Some experts estimate that Windows 10 dominates nearly 40 percent of the desktop OS market, handily surpassing the popularity of Windows 7.

Black Friday: Beware these cyber scams

In the last few weeks, tens of thousands of potential scams involving brand names have been discovered, cybersecurity firms are warning.

Pentagon pursues AI for space war to stop anti-satellite weapons

If a Russian or Chinese Anti-Satellite (ASAT) weapon streamed into space and exploded U.S. military satellites, friendly forces would instantly become very vulnerable to significant and extremely destructive enemy attacks - space-based infrared missile detection could be destroyed, GPS communications could be knocked out, guided weapons could jam and derail before hitting their targets and war-critical command and control could simply be “taken out.

New F-35-armed Navy amphibious assault ship completes trials

Firing deck-mounted guns, intercepting enemy cruise missiles, launching F-35B Joint Strike Fighters and using Osprey tiltrotor aircraft to attack behind enemy lines -- are all mission possibilities envisioned for the Navy’s fast-progressing second big-deck America-class amphibious assault ship, the future USS Tripoli (LHA 7).

Instagram is 'predators' paradise,' human rights groups claim

A group of international anti-sexual exploitation organizations on Wednesday blasted Instagram as a "predators' paradise" as a part of a campaign to call out a range of abusive behavior on the popular photo platform.

Navy takes next step with new, more lethal Flight III destroyer

The Navy has laid the keel for its first new, Flight III DDG 51 surface warfare destroyer armed with improved weapons, advanced sensors and new radar 35-times more sensitive than most current systems, changing attack and defensive options for the surface fleet.

How to securely send email and texts

We send messages all day long, and every time we hit “send,” we roll the dice. Hackers don’t have to break into your phone to steal your data; they can intercept messages or break into other people’s devices.

Soldier-controlled autonomous robots call for fire in test, attack targets

Armed Army robot vehicles conducted reconnaissance, called for indirect fire and then, when directed by human decision-makers, attacked and destroyed enemy targets in a recent experiment designed to assess the technical maturity and readiness of autonomous ground drones.

Air Force Research Lab works on new, next-generation hypersonic weapons

The Air Force Research Laboratory is immersed in early work on a new generation of hypersonic weapons designed to come after the currently emerging arsenal, expanding hypersonic mission options in new directions and introducing new air vehicle configurations.

Google defends amassing health data on millions of people

Google has come under scrutiny after a report in The Wall Street Journal noted that a newly signed cloud computing deal with a healthcare customer could give the tech giant"detailed personal-health information of millions of people across 21 states.

Big tech racing to replace smartphones with smart glasses

If you think modern society is bad seeing everyone spend reality staring at their phones, the big tech companies are racing for their next big business: getting you to throw away your iPhone for smart glasses.

Army launches massive new 'What’s Your Warrior?' ad campaign

Maneuvering attack helicopters through mountains, firing lasers from ground vehicles, commanding autonomous robot sensors, waging cyberattacks and creating microscopic explosions splitting cells in a laboratory — are all images designed to capture a growing realm of Army experiences depicted in the service’s massive new ad campaign called “What’s Your Warrior?”

6 smart ways to manage your inbox and email overload

Office workers spend thousands of hours per year poring over packed email inboxes, and some studies suggest that a quarter of the workday is spent sifting through digital missives.

New Pentagon technology can detect enemy nuclear attacks faster

The Pentagon and industry are taking new technical steps to quickly alert commanders in the event that the U.S. comes under nuclear attack by increasing the time window with which decision-makers have to both defend and potentially retaliate.

7 fitness gadgets to get you in shape for winter

There’s a chill in the air, at least in some parts of the country. That can mean only one thing -- it is time to think about gadgets to help with home workouts.

Air Force maps path to 100 new B-21 bombers

The B-52 will be armed with long-range, nuclear cruise missiles… the B-2 will elude the most modern air defenses and the B-1B bomber will fire hypersonic weapons -- if the Air Force’s plan for the next several decades comes to fruition.