Friday, August 7, 2020
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Barr says he doesn't believe there's systemic racism in US policing

Attorney General William Barr told Congress on Tuesday that he doesn't believe police departments are systemically racist, pushing back againstDemocrats' overarching justificationfor implementing sweeping police reforms after high-profile, police-involved deaths of Black Americans.

Sworn depositions raise new questions in Planned Parenthood fetal tissue controversy

Newly obtained testimony from Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) officials has raised questions about the organization’s response to journalist David Daleiden’s undercover videos, and refocused attention on whether the nation’s largest abortion provider violated federal law regarding fetal tissue donations.

Mike Bloomberg spent nearly $1B of his own money on failed presidential bid

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloombergspent nearly $1 billion of his personal fortune on his 2020 presidential campaign, which lasted less than five months and ended without him winning any major primary contests in the Democratic primary season,Federal Election Commission records indicate.

CBP: With Trump's policies, more migrants being removed than apprehended

Officials with Customs and Border Protection (CBP)are creditingPresident Trump's agendafor givingan unprecedented boost to law enforcement, saying it has dramatically reducedthe number of migrants releasedwithin the United States and bolsteredthe agency's ability to remove illegal immigrants.