Thursday, September 19, 2019
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MixedTimes - Gerren Keith Gaynor

Marianne Williamson wants to be taken seriously at next debate

Marianne Williamson, a 2020 Democratichopeful,saidshe hopes to be taken more seriously as a candidate on this week’s debate stage after her first debate left her on the receiving end of online jokes and memes.

Warren says Trump 'may not even be a free person' in 2020

Senator Elizabeth Warren targeted President Donald Trump during a campaign speech in Iowa on Sunday when she considered a run against the sitting president andsuggested that he "may not even be a free person" in 2020.

Howard Stern says CBS' Leslie Moonves 'tried to ruin my life'

In a 45-minute, expletive-laced rant on his SiriusXM radio show Monday night, Howard Stern railed against embattled CBS chairman and CEO Leslie Moonves, accusing the powerful executive of trying to ruin his life.

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