Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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Rod Rosenstein lands job with corporate law firm in DC: reports

Rod Rosentein, the former deputy U.S. attorney general who oversaw the Russia investigation after Jeff Sessions recused himself from the probe into the Trump campaign, has taken a job with a corporate law firm, according to reports.

Trump cheered (and booed) at UFC match in New York City

When President Trump arrived Saturday night at an Ultimate Fighting Championship match in New York City, the crowd reaction was a bit more hospitable than the one he received at World Series Game 5 last Sunday in Washington.

Harris calls Biden ‘Senator’ after he called her ‘kid’

After Joe Biden referred to Kamala Harris as “kid” on Wednesday, it probably didn’t seem like an accident to some when Harris referred to the former vice president as “Senator” at least twice during Wednesday’s debate in Detroit.