Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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MixedTimes - Brooke Singman

Trump campaign, RNC declare Trump the winner of first presidential debate

The Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee declared President Trump the winner of the first presidential debate against Joe Biden Tuesday night, slamming the former vice president as “too weak” and touting Trump as a “strong president on top of his game.

Trump admin teams with nonprofit to launch 'Safety Pledge' to combat online child exploitation

EXCLUSIVE: The Trump administration on Tuesday is launching a safety pledge with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in an effort to prevent attacks from online predators and sex traffickers, as the nonprofit has seen “a dramatic increase” in reports of child sex exploitation since the coronavirus pandemic began.

Source of Steele dossier was investigated by FBI for Russian contacts, Barr says

The primary “source” for the anti-Trump dossier authored by ex-British intelligence agent Christopher Steele was the subject of an FBI counterintelligence investigation from 2009 to 2011 that assessed his or her contacts with suspected Russian intelligence officers, Fox News has learned.

Senate should consider Trump's Supreme Court nominee 'as early as possible': Burr

Republican Sen. Richard Burr defended President Trump on Tuesday by saying he has “every right under the Constitution” to nominate an individual to the Supreme Court vacancy left by late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, adding that he believes the Senate should consider that nominee “as early as possible.

Trump camp keeps pressure on Biden to release list of SCOTUS picks after Ginsburg death

The Trump campaign is keeping pressure on Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to release a list of potential Supreme Court nominees should he be elected president in November, saying the former vice president is “hiding” the “radical leftists” he would appoint to the high court from the American people.

Trump campaign expects ‘tuned in’ Joe Biden on debate night

The Trump campaign says they are expecting a “tuned in” Joe Biden during the first presidential debate next Tuesday, casting the former vice president as a seasoned politician who “knows his way” around the debate stage.

Romney slams Burisma, Hunter Biden probe as 'political exercise'

Sen. Mitt Romney on Wednesday slammed the Senate Homeland Security Committee’s investigation into Hunter Biden’s role on the board of Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma Holdings, saying it is “not the legitimate role of government” to work to “damage political opponents.

Grassley demands Biden name potential Supreme Court nominees

Sen. Chuck Grassley on Wednesday demanded that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden release a list of his potential nominees to the Supreme Court by the end of the month, saying there is “no reason” for the former vice president “to hide” the names.

Biden campaign lawyers up for election-related court battles

The Biden campaign has been quietly building a massive "election protection program," includingformer Attorney General Eric Holder and hundreds of other lawyersin preparation for a legal battle in the event of a contested election.

Trump challenges Woodward for sitting on coronavirus quotes

President Trump on Thursday challenged Bob Woodward, questioning why the veteran journalist didn't report his comments about the novel coronavirus sooner if he thought they were “so bad or dangerous,” while claiming he wastrying to keep Americans “calm.

Trump renews Cuomo feud: 'One of the WORST governors'

President Trump on Thursday slammed New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo as “one of the worst governors” in the country, criticizing his handling of the coronavirus pandemic in the Empire State.

More Durham probe charges possible, Barr says

Attorney General Bill Barr said this week that there “could be” more charges stemming from U.S. Attorney John Durham’s monthslong review into alleged misconduct and the origins of the Russia investigation.

Trump campaign raises $210M in August, still behind Biden's record haul

EXCLUSIVE:The Trump campaign and Republican National Committee raked in $210 million in August, an impressive haul that marks their biggest month to date–though still short of the record-smashingamount Democratic nominee Joe Biden and the Democrats brought in during the same time period.

Hair salon owner thanks supporters after more than $300G raised

San Francisco hair salon owner Erica Kious thanked supporters for their “outpouring” of “empathy and generosity” amid her feud withHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosiafter a crowdfunding effort raised several hundred thousand dollars for her.

Trump slams Biden over 'radical left' riots in new Wisconsin, Minnesota ads

The Trump 2020 Campaign launched new ads in five key early voting states Wednesday -- after a brief hiatus during the Democratic and Republican conventions --with a renewedfocus on President Trump’s“law and order” message amid unrest in cities across the country.